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You Don’t Need a Natural Hair Salon

You don’t need a natural hair salon. Not at all. Yes, I said it. Now before some of you try to come for me, let me explain.

I’ve had several hairstyles over the years and I mean a ton. During my primary school years I (like many other black girls) I had the kiddie perm. As I grew up my hair began to show its Type 4B traits and by middle school, I had graduated to regular perms. As we all know perming isn’t healthy and I experienced massive breakage my freshman year of high school. At the time, my hair was usually only done at a salon for special occasions but I was able to convince my mother to send me after my hair was literally shedding every day in the bathroom.

I went to the salon expecting a deep condition treatment and a trim but was told the only way to truly save my hair was to cut off the damage. I was excited to cut it off even though I had length way down my back, but then I got scared knowing my mother would be mad that I spent her money and came back with no hair. Being tired of the losing a bunch of hair every day and told the stylist to chop it off.

Long story short (pun intended) when I got home it wasn’t pretty but my mother got over it. Financially, things gotten worse so now going to the salon wasn’t even an option for my hair care. I had no choice but to learn how to take care of my hair on my own. After months of taking care of my hair on my own, it flourished and not only grew back in, but it grew all the way to my booty.

Here is what I learned:


I read all the magazines and books and articles that I could on caring for black hair and hair in general.

Be gentle

I paid attention to what part of my hair was the weakest and babied it. For example, I was sure to massage castor oil into my edges and put extra conditioner on my ends.

Use Product that Meets Your Hair Needs

My research told me that my hair had difficulty keeping moisture in and needed to be sealed. I began to select products that had sealing ingredients like ceramides.


I made sure to trim my hair every 3 months. Damaged ends have to go or else it can ruin the rest of your hair. It took me about an hour and several mirrors each time I trimmed but I manged to get it done.

Perms are the Devil

At the time I couldn’t imagine going natural and didn’t fully accept the damage perms did to my hair. So before it was even a thing I began to stretch the amount of time between perms. Id camouflage my edges via gentle heat application, gel or styles where my edges were covered.

Have Patience

This was probably that most important part for me, being patient is what allowed me to be open to take all the time to learn about my hair and to care for it properly.

I had no choice but to do my own hair for a few years, and I learned a lot. To this day now as a natural I still often do my own trims, colors and treatments. I will say that this do it yourself life may not be for everyone. I believe with research, proper care and technique you don’t have to go to a natural hair salon. Especially now more than ever with bloggers like Type 4 Naturals to help you along the way and YouTube, there is no excuse to not be as educated as you wish about your hair.


What do you think about not needing to go to a natural hair salon?


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