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Why are girlfriend trips necessary?

girlfriend getaway

Girlfriend trips whether with your sisters, best girls, cousins, coworker’s turned friends, it is the time away to bond and act silly beyond the everyday responsibilities, are very necessary. Like walking around the local grocery store or traveling solo back and forth to work, that alone time in your own thoughts without thinking of what has to be done is important. I approve taking a long  walk to the store for a bag of chips, just because. I definitely approve taking a long weekend away with ladies with similarities as to you.  

Recently a friend of mine celebrated her 40th birthday, and asked a few of us to travel out of the country with her. Let me tell you what I learned when I pushed my hesitation to the side and went on one of my few girlfriend trips. 

Girlfriend familiarity 

When you decide to leave your babies behind and have time to yourself, you should be conscious of the girlfriends that will be in your company to also make the most out of your time away. Each of us were connected to the birthday girl in one way or another. Although familiar with the ladies, there’s always a chance that my personality will not mesh with the others – because they don’t know me. If you too, attend a girlfriend trip with ladies you’re not too familiar with, may I suggest having a dinner or a meetup to talk, laugh and get to know each other a little better before the day you travel thousands of miles away. Due to us all being working moms, taking a day to bond just wasn’t in the cards for us, but we were able to chat via group text. Luckily, all five of us laughed and truly enjoyed our time together. We were no longer strangers, the next event our greetings will be different because of the time spent from plane to plane. 

Separation anxiety

So you’re now in the company of your new friends, funny to deep conversations will be had.  With a blend of a new mom to moms with grown people over the age of 18, the conversation of children was inevitable. However, we must remember that although we love our babies, they are not on this vacation. This vacation is a girlfriend getaway to celebrate a grown woman’s birthday. This is also your time to disconnect from the label of mom and just be whoever you are, but can’t because your mini is constantly watching.  So if I may suggest, do not proceed to show pictures and talk about your baby’s first steps while the group is now on the subject of which drink will go with your cuisine. The children conversation is over and shall not be brought up again unless something tragic has occurred and you must buy an emergency ticket back home. 

Disconnect from social media

Which now brings up technology. We are so into our phones that we don’t even see what’s in front of us. Due to the town we were in or the hotel or maybe my phone, service was basically nonexistent. If my camera wasn’t left on my counter by accident, I wouldn’t have bothered to have it in my possession at all. I had no need to every second keep in touch with anyone because I was miles away. I was on a girlfriends vacation. At one point we were all on our phones uploading pics, liking and commenting, all up in social media like the addicts we are. Besides the early morning checkin from the room to let someone know what I was doing, where I was going and why they wouldn’t hear from me for x amount of time, this was the only calls I made. Mini me was more concerned with me coming home than me enjoying my time. So I decided to not FaceTime or call after that. I mean 4 days 3 nights, she’ll see me when I returned…and she missed me even more. When you call home constantly, those that are there aren’t in the mindset you are in. Their time is not scheduled between massages and excursions. They are keeping the day to day activities that would normally be your task, afloat. Early morning rises, getting kids up and to school on time, homework, dinner etc…while you are on the beach with a nice pink drink that a bartender decided to make up just for your crew. Be mindful, and keep conversations to a minimum. 

When we were young

Could it be the long days? Or we just don’t “hang” like we used to? In my mind, on a girlfriends vacation, I just knew sleep will occur on the travel to and from the destination. Nope! The soothing sounds at night, no early wake up calls in the morning, we were all fluffing our pillows ready to embrace that thing called sleep. I’m sure, if we did not have children and we we’re just living life – sleep would have been the last thing we craved once the rum hit our system at the late night parties. I don’t think any of us were disappointed at the midnite sleep, especially the new mom who probably has been sleep deprived for months now. I saw the sleep as one of the secret activities that was not advertised in the hotel pamphlet. 

At the end of the trip, I realized that not only were we on this girlfriends trip to celebrate a birthday but we were also there as a needed getaway from whatever aggravation was present in our lives. From work, bills, relationships, parenting, adulting. What was realized, whether you find every excuse not to go, all of these issues will still be there, so just go. 

Relax with your old and new girlfriends.  Relate with your old and new girlfriends. Release with your old and new girlfriends.

When was your last girlfriend trip? Where did you go? 

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    Tara pittman
    September 28, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    I need a girl friend trip like now. This sounds like a amazing way to have fun.

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