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Who are Type4Naturals?

Who are Type4Naturals

Type4Naturals was started in 2013 by three friends who loved their natural hair, brunch and having fun. We each represent different Type 4 textures respectively, provide a voice and guide women through their own natural hair journey while sharing life experiences. Through and social media, we focus on connecting with women in the natural hair community interested in hair care, product reviews, and tutorials. Parenting stories and tips connect us to mothers of mini naturals and we provide topics on business, fitness, technology, beauty and more.


The 14-month transitioner that has been fully natural since June 2012. She is a 4a natural that loves wash and go styles and has interest in beauty, food, travel, shopping, and technology. She has a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems and works full-time in end-user support.

Type4Naturals Joanna


The wavy, coily, curly 4b natural since 2012. She wanted to transition for a year but after 7 months decided to take the plunge and cut her perm hair off on her own. She has an MBA and currently works full-time as an IT Analyst. When she has downtime from the natural hair community she enjoys fitness, cooking, fashion and technology.

Type4Naturals Korynthia


The kinky curly 4c’er returned to being a natural in 2012. She is a Master’s Graduate from Mercy College working full-time for the city of New York. Besides dedicating spare time to attend hair events, brunch and blogging, she’s a full-time mom to a mini natural.

Type4Naturals Katricia

Collectively, we are Type 4 Naturals: 3 Curlistas Entertaining Life!


Read along as we share our experiences and opinions in life to give a voice to those with the Type 4 hair type.

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