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What’s in Kat’s Bag?

Kat's Bag

What's in Kat's Bag? I wasn't that big on cute bags but I have them. They are the cute, usually black little bag that can only fit your id, keys off of the ring, lip gloss and just enough room for your phone. The cute little bag that went with your cute little outfit to parade around NYC with your cute little shoes…All cute items that are in my closet but not a part of my everyday life anymore. LOL

Fast all the way forward…

Everyday bag is now my going out after work bag, which may be the weekend bag depending on where we are going. I may switch to an even bigger bag on the weekends to fit not only my items but the items of child and her cousin – if he tags along. I really thought this part of dragging around everything and the kitchen sink in my bag part of parenting was over – it is not! The items are just updated.

If you too, think that you will not be that mom moving around with a designer bag full of snacks, Huggies wipes for mini people and some sort of toy, then you my friend are highly mistaken. No more bottles of milk and juice, well they are bottles but not with a nipple. Snacks are snacks and are necessary for the constant, "I'm hungry" whining, when you and they know damn well they are not hungry. Don't forget that tablet or doll or whatever fidget thing that will keep them from you wishing you brought your own bottle.

Shall we go through Kat's bag now?


Lotion will forever be in my bag. I'm a consumer of the Walmart Beauty Box, and definitely love the little travel sized items that fit in my daily bag or my travel sized pouches when traveling.Walmart Spring Beauty Box 2016The reason for needing and always having lotion in my bag, is because of uhm, ash. Ash, for those not familiar, ash is the dry white dust appearance that occurs when you don't properly moisturize brown skin before leaving the bathroom. Hence, the rushing children. It doesn't matter how much lotion, oil, a combination of both is used, they can be two steps past the door and their face, knees and ankles will look as it they were rubbing flour on them – on purpose. Why?


Lipstick is like the lint at the bottom of every bag I use frequently, it's there till I clean it out. The reason why I can never find my ruby woo lipstick and will have about four of them if I emptied each of the bags. I just never know when I'll have to glam it up a bit and what's the best thing about lipstick? It can be a brief substitute for blush…not eyeshadow, don't do that. LOL So as I looked thru my many selfie pics for this portion of this post, I realize, I haven't taken a recent picture with said ruby woo – it's not in my everyday bag and I just used my weekend bag, but I have a few of them. Now I have to go on a search looking for one of these lipsticks.

And this is why I also keep some sort of lip moisturizer in my bag as well. Coconut Butter on stick or ChapStick total hydration is a go to and if I run low, that day I will make a trip to the local pharmacy to get a re-up on my supply. Kat's Bag

Huggies Baby Wipes: For those that know, my child is over the age of five. Why on earth would I need wipes in my bag?

  • Dirty fingers that want to eat snacks and there's no bathroom around;

  • There's a bathroom but after using half a roll of tissue to secure that the skin doesn't touch the porcelain;

  • The said bathroom has a working sink but no soap to wash away any type of germ. Bonus item in bag: Sanitizer;

  • The bathroom does not have tissue;

  • Ice-cream that they beg for and ends up everywhere;

  • Spills;

  • Dad also has ice-cream;

  • Wipes away my tears for every time I see them touch any and everything;

Reading: Usually my kindle app on my iPhone or the free Times Out NY magazine that I receive for free are used for my reading pleasure. No excitement here…

Portable Charger: I constantly see people scrambling for an outlet and knew that I couldn't be that person – until I was that person. I needed to not be that person. Especially when using these iPhone devices, the battery begins to die exactly six months after purchasing the necessity. So to avoid appearing like a drug addict looking for the outlet of fixes, I just add to the weight of my bag and have my own. And because I am an adult, and a parent (not necessarily in that order), it's just irresponsible to allow your battery source to go below 50%…at 2:00 pm on a Saturday…in the children's park.

Headphones: I would literally die. Like slide down the wall of depression if I had to travel to work and travel home and hear all the conversations that I could care less to listen to. "Mary, I asked Su to paint my nails bright red, but I don't think it's really red, what do you think?" These are the type of conversations that privileged people have on the Staten Island Ferry. Proceed to discuss all of the places they went, did and didn't do and how the parking around the ferry is getting ridiculous (because they are building a mall). Who cares? I'd rather listen to podcasts that discuss real life issues like how The House is making all women wear strict business attire before entering the lobby of The House. But you guys keep going on about the shade of your nail polish.

Random goodness that maybe thought of as unnecessary for some: regular wallet, another smaller wallet that doesn't fit in my smaller bags but holds my metro card, umbrella, candy, mints, gum, floss, a fidget toy, a doll (yes, I'm currently on my way to work and look in my bag and see the arm of a doll), a printout page of business for my mother but haven't thrown it out, because I know she will ask for it, a pen, probably about $5.00 in coins, and business cards.

If you ever see me in the street, know that all of the above could possibly be in my bag at that time and it's heavy. Don't believe me, I'll let you test it out – – I'm a parent in NYC, I'm not concerned with you running away with it – I have no money.

What's in your bag? Is it different from the bags you wear on the weekends?

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