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What is a Friendsgiving?

Type 4 Brunch

This year we are hosting a Type 4 Brunch of coming together as friends for the holiday season, commonly known as Friendsgiving. Some have asked, what is a Friendsgiving and how can I host one too? As bloggers, we read several posts and comments in different forums that discuss how they are not able to travel back home or have the funds to go to all the holiday themed events in the New York City area – and there are many. We decided to host a brunch at Harlem Tavern, the same place we hosted our Brunch w/Bae earlier last year. The idea of just having uncensored girl talk, good food, drinks and a great time with you will start us off to the holiday season.

For those of you that aren’t able to attend our NYC Type 4 Brunch Friendsgiving, we have some tips for how you can host your own.


The date of your event is important. Since the friendsgiving is in place of or in addition to Thanksgiving, try to select a date that is close to the actual date. Our Type 4 Brunch, Friendsgiving will be hosted on November 18th, to allow for our guests to come without interfering with their family and other friend events the following week.


If you are fortunate to have the space in your home to host your friendsgiving, then that’s perfect and cost efficient. You can set the theme and time for your event. Most restaurants cap your time at a table to the max of 3 hours. Sometimes the time goes so fast, because you’re having such a great time. To find a place that does not have such a strict time frame is ideal if you are a party person and love to host events or for the introvert who takes a few extra minutes to unwind to become comfortable with engaging with others at the event.


The idea behind a friendsgiving is coming together with friends who usually spend time with family during the Thanksgiving day. So being that the date of your event is close to the big dinner, make it a potluck and ask for suggested dishes. Or you can recreate a menu that is season friendly but not necessarily traditional to what you would have for Thanksgiving. In my family, we commonly have collard greens, turkey, chicken, ham, sweet potatoes etc…traditional southern meal. Maybe research another traditional meal, like Caribbean or Italian to change it up a bit.


We assume that most will know each other at a Friendsgiving, but that may not be the case. At our brunch, we like to start with some sort of game, question or something that will break the ice and make your guests feel comfortable.

Swag bag, Favor, Thank you Gift

If you’ve never attended a Type 4 Brunch, then you are not familiar with our swag bags that compliment our theme and purpose for coming together. We’ve done swaps of natural hair products to offer others the opportunity to try that one product that does not work for them but may work for the next natural. For our Friendsgiving, we are providing swag from sponsors that support the theme of friends and their beauty, selfcare, health and of course natural hair – although this is not a natural hair themed event. You should select a little token of thanks for your friends coming out to spend time with you to celebrate friendship.

Want to attend our FriendsGiving Brunch? Click here to purchase your ticket(s).

Have you ever hosted a friendsgiving? What tips would you share?

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    This sounds like so much fun! Never thought of it that way, even though sometimes we will have a few friends over for thanksgiving! Great idea!

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