Things to Do During Holiday Break With Kids

Like some parents, I try to entertain my child during these school breaks. Most times if her cousin comes over, then they entertain themselves from 7:30 am till 9:00pm.

This holiday break since the weather is more fall-like than winter, I decided to take them out to some activities, tire them out and allow them to have a story to tell their little schoolmates.

Here are some places I thought of:

Rockefeller Center: NYC Attractions

Traveling into the city at this time of year can be overwhelming, let alone with one or two or a few kids. But as NY’ers what’s a holiday without seeing the big famous tree?


Pictures of Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn


I’ve never personally been to this neighborhood to see all the excitement. For kids between the ages of 4 and 5, this is a perfect free (if you don’t count the cost of your transportation) activity to do during the holiday break.

Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ

For those slightly older than 5 and interested in science, Liberty Science Center is a cool place to spend the day. It’s educational and a fun amusement center of sorts as they celebrate 12 days of science. There are also activities available for kids between 2-5.

One Structure, Infinite Possibilities

A play space that dares you to climb, crawl, and balance your way through pathways as high as 35 feet above the atrium floor. With multiple routes to explore, Infinity Climber is a thrilling climbing gym for up to 50 children and adults to navigate. Only guests taller than 42 inches can be admitted.

Although it’s not free, it looks like a great place for families to spend time and workout those holiday meals. Lol

How about a few hours at the movies? Take your pre-pre-teens to see the remake of Annie or A Night At The Museum. All other movies advertised right now are not for kids in the younger ages. At least my kids would not be entertained by these films. No music. No animation. For the holiday break?

Groupon or Living Social also advertise some last minute getaways for the entire family. For those that want to have a different scenery for a few days.

The most popular for families: Stay at CoCo Key Water Resort in Waterbury, CT, with Dates into March.

What are your plans for the holiday break?

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