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The Mane Choice for Type 4c Hair

Mane Choice
We received The Mane Choice products for a product review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.

I absolutely enjoyed the scent of each of the three out of four items received. Since I don’t use vitamins, I didn’t break the seal of the jar to see, touch and smell the capsules. I think I would have liked to receive a shampoo in lieu of one of the conditioners, but appreciative to have received the items none the less. Let’s go through my thoughts on the products I did receive and try.

Mane Choice

✨Tropical Moringa Oil & Honey Daily Moisturizer & Sealing Cream & Daily Restorative Spray✨

According to The Mane Choice website, these two products together:

  • Delivers intense hydration & moisture
  • Boosts & shape curls
  • Promotes growth & retention
  • Fights frizz
  • Gentle enough for daily use
  • Improves elasticity
  • Helps to minimize damage & breakage

Out of the products received, I used the sealing cream and the spray on not only my hair but on mini me’s hair as well the most. For someone that does not always re-twist their hair at night, the duo helped keep my fro soft and manageable. A little of the moisturizer, a bonnet on and wake up with a really soft and semi-defined tapered fro left from a two-day twist-out. For mini-me, her hair remained shiny and soft for the days she wore her twists.

✨Green Tea & Carrot Deep Strengthening & Restorative Mask Treatment✨

Mane Choice

Enriched with biotin, green tea, and carrot oil, this product will immediately begin to repair and restore dry and damaged strands.

  • Promotes growth & retention
  • Hydrates & moisturize
  • Minimize damage & breakage
  • Repairs and restores damage
  • Strengthens, fights shedding, & breakage
  • Adds moisture & hydration
  • Improves manageability & elasticity
  • Great for natural, relaxed, permed, and colored treated hair

✨ Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Hair Mask✨Main Choice

Loaded with fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9

Made for ALL HAIR TYPES…..fine, thick, natural, chemically treated, colored, 1A to 4Z!

  • Intensely penetrates well into all layers of the hair shaft
  • Protect, repair and restore damaged cuticles
  • Restores hair condition & delivers shine
  • Makes hair feel soft & reduce frizz
  • Loaded with fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9
  • Helps to replenish hair & fight against split ends
  • Leaves the hair feeling soft, manageable and more elastic
  • Promotes growth and retention

Although I have not tried the hair mask without a shampoo to get the full experience, the reviews of my peers mention how great the product is to make their 4c hair manageable and soft. I think the great marketing plan that occurs with The Mane Choice, is being able to speak to many different women and men on how to manage their hair.

The Mane Choice for Type 4c Hair

The ingredients for the products are based on natural oils and vitamins but are not specific to “natural” hair types. When you can create a formula for shampoos, conditioners, and styles that work for all, that’s a gold mine.


Have you tried any of The Mane Choice product lines? What’s your opinion?

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