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Quick Halloween Makeup Look for a Busy Mom

I am a busy mom that had the task to create a quick Halloween makeup look while hosting my daughter’s birthday “girls nite out”, here. Let me be the first to tell you – nothing is quick about this makeup. It could be a quick makeup look if I actually did this more than once a year. And since I do not, it took a little bit of time. Maybe 45 minutes total.

Since creating a work of colorful art on my face is NOT a second to nature task for me, does not mean it wouldn’t be a quick and fun experience for you.

Busy Mom Face

Always start with a very clean and moisturized face. I’ve seen a few videos where there’s no mention of moisturizing. I would guess its because of avoiding shine on their face. There are primers to assist with shiny noses, use that.

Busy Mom

I used Cetaphil to clean my face, Olay all day moisturizer and a sample primer that I received from MAC. Once I washed, moisturized and primed, I let the products marinate (if there’s a technical term for allowing the products to merge with my skin, please tell me in the comments below). Lol

Busy Mom Eyes

What I learned is, even the most vibrant neon colored eye shadows are nothing on brown skin without the use of white eye base. With my inexperience, I was able to apply the base and then several coats of pink eyeshadow. If I must say, it didn’t come out horrible.

Busy Mom

For an awful lash glue reason, I expected the eyelashes to fall off on the rollerskating rink and cause a child to scream thinking it’s a spider. They held on barely, all the way back home. I was pleased.

Final Busy Mom Look

Add a bright blush and lip and of course a colorful wig (which was annoying by the way), completes a quick halloween makeup look for a busy mom.

Busy Mom

How did I do on my version of a Poprock Mom?

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