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Mini Natural Hair Chronicles: Getting hair school ready

Mini Natural Hair Chronicles are back! School is in session and we are in a higher grade with a new attitude. Literally…”mommy, can I wear ponytails for school?” Every year when getting hair school ready, she’d rather have ponytails instead of the braided styles that maintain a neat and time efficient style for the five school days of the week. Unlike others, I don’t pretend to have all the time in the world, with just one child, to recreate a neat ponytail style just to appease her and the friends that will compare hair styles during lunch. Deja Vu? Yes, I’ve mentioned this before here. I could give a flipping flop about her wanting to “fit in” with the other little girls in her class, because those little girls nor their mamas will be there to unravel her curls around those “snag proof” ponytail holders to the point that I have to grab the scissors and cut them out. Hence, the reason we don’t have many.

With that being said, I now have the task of finding big girl styles that will meet her approval, but also allows me to wake up with the sun and not before, in order to refresh her style. Searching through Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites, I picked out a few child friendly styles that I could actually recreate to getting her hair ready for school.

Getting hair school ready with a braided ponytail

– so I know she didn’t mean to have her hair actually braided, but it is in a ponytail. Ha! The ease of blending her request with my want, is a great world in mommy life. Here are a few braided ponytails that can offer some inspiration.

Getting Hair School Ready

Photo Courtesy of So Adorable Via @Returning2natural

Getting hair school ready with beaded box braids

– the beauty of using beads is, she usually forgets all about ponytails and just wants to have that “I move my head back n forth” action going on with the uniform color coordinated beads.

Getting Hair School Ready

Getting hair school ready

Getting hair school ready with twists

Flattwisting mini’s hair does not always work out very well for us. The art of keeping the twists taught and neat for multiple days can be a challenge. However, mini twists are cool. Not only can they last for longer than a week, you can still wash, condition and style the twists till you decide to unravel and begin again.

Getting hair school ready

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

These are a few styles I’ve found online for getting hair school ready. How have you been styling mini me’s hair for the new school year?

Events Natural Hair

Texture On The Runway 2017

Texture On The Runway 2017

Texture On The Runway 2017 was amazing this year. It took place during NYFW this September, its focus is to celebrate Real Women, Real Fashion, Real Texture. This year it was powered by  Sally Beauty. This unique runway show took over Gotham Hall for the night and showed the world textured hair and fashion are a major combination that cannot be stopped.

Texture On The Runway is now one of my favorite New York Fashion Week events. I was already in love with fashion, but to see natural hair showcased and celebrated alongside that makes it even more important to me. This year also featured several vendors such as Cantu, Mielle Organics, Curlformers and Creme of Nature. It was nice to be able to talk to the brands about their products and get samples to try out later.


The atmosphere inside was full of energy, there was a DJ spinning and then the show began. The event began with an opening by co-founder Michelle Breyer, who hosted the event alongside professional hairstylist Monica Stevens of MoKnowsHair.

(Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images for NaturallyCurly)

The theme this year seemed to be aligned with futuristic African, goddess and flowing textures. Each look that strutted down the runway got ohhs, ahhs, and yessss. While I loved everything the moments that stood out to me the most were the models painted in gold for Mielle Organics, the adorable McClure and Anaismirabelle twins, the Syncopated Ladies and the futuristic hairstyles by stylists such as Diane Bailey for Shea Moisture.

(@Type4Naturals 2017 – Shea Moisture serving us futuristic African inspired looks)


(Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images for NaturallyCurly)

(Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images for NaturallyCurly)

(Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images for NaturallyCurly)

(Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images for NaturallyCurly)

Texture On The Runway gave me so much inspiration to apply to my every day looks. After the event was over I felt so full of pride, knowing that finally textured hair has a rightful position in fashion and can hold its own in New York Fashion Week.

Special thanks to Naturally Curly and Sally Beauty for including the Type 4 Naturals in this event. See you next year!!

(Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images for NaturallyCurly)



Natural Hair

Dusting and Trimming Natural Hair

Dusting and Trimming Natural Hair

Dusting and trimming our natural hair is something many of us overlook. Especially those who want to grow long hair and believe cutting it will take off length. Years ago back before I had gone natural I briefly  got caught up in that same way of thinking. But I can serve as an example in many ways that not dusting or trimming your hair can lead to problems.

When I had relaxed hair as I mentioned earlier, there was a point when I thought not cutting it would make it longer. My hair grew long indeed but that didn’t last long at all. My hair ended up with split ends and damage to the point where when I went in the salon for a trim but had to take off about 3 inches to get my hair healthy again.

Once I had natural hair I had the same issue again. The first time it was during a natural hair growth challenge. I kept my hair in protective styles for almost a year. My hair grew a few inches but after going to a salon I had to get a cut and not a trim. The last incident was more recent, and just a result of being too lazy and too busy to put an effort into my hair care regiment. (Check out Kory’s hair regimen post here)

After all this trial and error I can say that I definitely learned the magic dusting and trimming combo that works for my hair. Here’s what I learned:


The rule is to do it once a season which would mean 4 times a year. I could only do this if I wore my hair in protective styles more often which would leave my ends under less stress. This method seems to work for most of my natural hair friends though, even ones who wear their hair out as much as me.


Dusting is like a light trimming where a very small amount hair is cut off, damaged ends are cut off right when hair starts to show signs of damage(split ends, ssks, tangling). Trimming my natural hair has become a game changer for me. I wear my hair out often and  for many reasons cannot get to a professional stylist 4 times a year to do a trim. Along with a hair care regimen, dusting my ends helps me keep my hair healthy. 

At the end of the day whether you choose dusting or trimming, those damaged ends have to go in order to keep your natural hair in good shape.

Do you dust or trim your natural hair?

In Our Opinion Natural Hair Product Reviews Women in Business

Type 4 Naturals features Kinky Tresses

Kinky Tresses

Type 4 Naturals follows, supports and collaborates with some great brands in the natural hair and lifestyle communities. Recently, we had the opportunity to host woman in business owner of Kinky Tresses LLC, Shawna Moses. With a background in science, experimenting with her hair and frustration with trying different products, she decided to create Kinky Tresses. Her product line is specific to help Type 4 and other natural textures that battle with dry and brittle hair.

We met Shawna Moses through social media as with other brands. We were fortunate to host her pop-up shop at Ecodermis & Wolfberry – an intimate specialty retailer in Brooklyn, New York who features small businesses in the natural hair community.

Watch the demonstration of the Kinky Tresses Coconut Mango Hair Butter used on Jo’s hair

Type 4 Naturals were provided the full line of Kinky Tresses hair care products in exchange for our honest opinion. On the day of the event, each of us used one or all of the Kinky Tresses products to further support the content of this product review.

Here are our thoughts of the Kinky Tresses products:

Avocado Infusion Moisturizing Shampoo

(8 oz) on site cost – $13.00
With a slight shake to mix the natural ingredients, the lightly smelled shampoo gently cleanse the scalp and hair. We recommend that you take the time to section your hair to thoroughly get the product on each part of your hair to thoroughly clean the scalp and hair.

Avocado Infusion Restorative Conditioner

(8 oz) on site cost – $15.00 Kinky Tresses
Following the instructions, both Kat and her daughter’s hair benefited from the “avocado oil, honey and silk amino acids” infused into Kinky Tresses’ restorative conditioner. Although none of us have tried the deep conditioning using this product, letting the conditioner work its magic in the recommended 5 minutes, allowed it to do it’s job. Kat was able to detangle mini natural’s kinky tresses without any issues. Type 4 hair benefits from using this conditioner, the ingredients work together to soften and moisturize dry and brittle hair.

Avocado Infusion Leave-in Hair Milk

(8 oz) on site cost – $14.00
Is it a leave-in conditioner? Is it a hair milk? It’s both. This confused us at first, but once used on wet hair, the milk provides another layer of moisture. It made Kat’s tapered hair very soft and provided a light shine. The description mentions using on dry hair, we would recommend misting sections of your hair with water first and then applying this leave-in to allow the milk to work into your hair and allow for you to style.

Coconut Mango Hair Butter

(4 oz) on site cost – $16.00
We. Love. Hair. Butter.!! And this butter is now on the list. It smells like a afternoon on a tropical island beach with a coconut water in hand. With the weather quickly transitioning to fall, this butter is a product that should be easy to grab on your product shelf. Protective styling with this butter will leave your twists and braids highly moisturized and juicy looking. Be mindful, Shea butter is used in this butter – although the name mentions coconut and mango.

Nourishing Hair Oil (4 oz)

on site cost – $7.00
The point of oil is to use as a hot oil treatment prior to your shampoo process. Some call it “pre-poo” but don’t mention anything about using heat. That is for another post. Kinky Tresses nourishing hair oil, use as a hot oil or as a sealant oil at the ends of your hair to lock in moisture to the oldest part of your hair. A little goes a long way. You don’t and shouldn’t use so much that it drips down your face, ears and neck.

Kinky Tresses

It was a pleasure meeting Shawna and her family at the pop-up shop in Brooklyn, NY. If you were not able to attend, you can purchase her products here.

Have you tried Kinky Tresses? What is your opinion?