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How to Pack Natural Hair Products for Travel

Natural Hair Products for travel

I’ve traveled a bit but wonder how to pack natural hair products for travel. The first time I packed a suitcase for a trip I end up with so many items that I would be good for a month. Bringing all your full-sized products takes up valuable space in your bag. Travel sized amounts can work, even though as a heavy-handed product junkie the thought of carrying only a travel sized amount is scary. Lately, I’ve gotten much better at packing and even figured out some tricks to pack less of my natural hair products too.

There are many ways to approach packing your products. The first thing to consider is how will you be wearing your hair. If you will be wearing braids or a weave your product needs will be different from someone who will be wearing their hair out naturally. Take a few minutes to gather what you need for the style and continue with the process.

How long is your vacation?  If your vacation is a weekend getaway or only a few days you may be able to bring even less. One time I was only going away for a weekend and knew I wasn’t going in a pool or in a situation to get my hair dirty, so I washed, slightly over moisturized and sealed my hair to avoid bringing extra items along.

From my experience, here are the best combos you can use to pack your natural hair products, depending on your vacation hair style.

Protective styles. Weaves, braids, twists. You may just need shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo can clean your hair and the conditioner can mix with water and be used as a leave-in/moisturizer. Add a little oil by hand or in the mix if you need to seal.

Quick protective styles. Halo braids, buns, etc. If you’re not going to get it wet or dirty you can skip packing the shampoo. The only risk is if something happens and you need to wash your hair you may be forced to buy a full-sized product or take a chance on that hotel stuff. Otherwise, you just need a moisturizer and maybe an oil (for scalp area). Include gel if you want to keep those edges laid.

Popular natural hair styles. Twist outs, braid-outs, wash and go, etc. Again, if you don’t plan on getting your hair dirty that’s up to you to bring shampoo. Bring extra conditioner and let it double as your leave in/moisturizer. To keep hair frizz free and your scalp lubricated pack a little oil. If you need a hair styler to you could take the conditioner and mix it with gel for hold. 

Ultimately multi-purposing my natural hair products help me pack lighter. It was hard at first until I figured out staple items needed for a trip.

How do you travel with your hair products?

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