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New Year’s Resolution Fail?



Just as in the image above many began 2017 hyped and ready to take on their New Year’s Resolutions, but when Monday came along, so did the excuses. Here are a few tips to avoid a New Years Resolution Fail:

Know Your Limits

Not a morning person? Then why did you resolve to run every morning at 4 am? Hate the treadmill? Don’t like to eat lettuce for dinner?  Don’t put yourself into something you know you are unwilling to do. Which leads me to this next point…

Have a Plan

No one is perfect and we all have things that limit us, it can be our own attitude or an actual issue that is in the way. Attitude adjustment should be the first step in your plan. It is amazing what you can do if you tell yourself “I Can” vs “I Can’t”. Besides attitude, any obstacle can be dealt with by removing it from the equation.  For example, If it’s a health related issue speak with your doctor first, but a majority of the time light exercise can be done and then the intensity increased over time. Another common issue is timing/scheduling if you’re a busy person then your best time to address your resolution is first thing in the morning or maybe you will have to pencil time to complete the tasks needed to meet your goals.


Use your cell phone, an app or your e-mail service to send you friendly reminders that will keep you on track of your goals.

Buddy System

Get a friend who you can rely on to check in on you and your goals, send you a friendly reminder or maybe even someone who shares the same resolution as you.

Treat. Yo. Self.

A friend once told me that sometimes there is no shame in rewarding yourself for a job well done, it’s not easy forming new habits and pushing yourself. Just don’t eat a whole box of donuts…

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