Eyebrow Threading, My Wink Brow Bar Experience

Wink Brow Bar

My Wink Brow Bar experience just happened and it was right on time. My eyebrows and I have had a complicated relationship. For years it would grow crazy fast and in different directions, but now we are in a good place. It took a while to get here though.

Years ago, after what seemed like ages of grooming my brows, it finally began to grow in how I wanted. Initially tweezing them was my thing; it took time and didn’t last long but I couldn’t afford anything else. Later, threading took the beauty industry by storm. For about $7, I could have beautifully arched brows. I was hooked!

I did that for a few years until I realized my brows were getting too thin. I’d ask for my brows to be left fuller but it just never happened. The threading salons didn’t want to take their time or have a need to listen to my requests. I was just a customer in line to rush out so the next one can come in. To avoid living a life with no brows I left threading alone and went back to tweezing them at home.

I’ve had a very busy schedule lately and less time to spend time on my eyebrows, so I needed a solution. After researching what had a reasonable price and great reviews I discovered Wink Brow Bar in Brooklyn. Manhattan has most beauty bar options which can be an inconvenience to travel to since I live in Brooklyn. I booked my appointment and hoped I didn’t make a mistake.

My Brows Before the Magic Happened

When I arrived at Wink I was greeted and calmed by their cozy upscale vibe. They asked how my day was and offered a glass of infused water or champagne. After a long day at work, it was as if they read my mind, champagne, please! I took a seat and a few sips later my threading specialist arrived. I told her I wanted a full brow with an arch. She discussed my request with me and then went to work. My brows were shaped painlessly and the service included a temple massage, skin calming elixir. They even fill your brows in with makeup upon request if you want even more definition. 

They have a clean setup and delicious champagne.

I left looking selfie ready, feeling relaxed, brows perfectly arched and the skin around my eyebrows glistening from the elixir. It all turned out great and I am glad I didn’t let my past threading experiences keep me away.  I will be back again when it’s time for a touch-up (and to sip that delicious champagne).

If you’re in the NYC area and want to try out a Wink Brow Bar near you, visit them online.

See how I define my brows when I do my makeup here.

After the threading. I still have eyebrows left, yay!


Have you ever tried eyebrow threading


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