My Lipstick Challenge

Lipstick. Can lipstick be a challenge? One day I was going through some pictures and I was reminiscing about how far I’ve come with my makeup skills. I remember my tomboy days where I refused to wear nothing but chapstick, but now  I can apply my makeup like a pro. 

After going through those pics I realized I felt fiercer when I put myself together in the morning and it showed, my smile was brighter and the pictures popped better. As every woman knows sometimes there isn’t time to get dolled up and you just have to go out the door with no makeup, no earrings and feeling plain. AduIting is hard and sometimes makes me feel sad, so why not use a pop of color to brighten your mood? I decided to give myself a personal challenge. For one whole week at a minimum to wear lipstick every day and see how I felt. the results surprised me. 

*The above picture matches the order of all the lipsticks I wore.


Wore MAC Viva Glam collection in color “Rihanna 2” and turned heads due to its borderline goth hue…yes on a Sunday (don’t be judging me). 


Beginning of work week, I always have a rough Monday morning but somehow managed to do a full face of makeup. Wore Smashbox Always on liquid matte lipstick in “Thrill Seeker”.


Wore Smashbox Always on liquid matte “Blast Off” and felt super girly.


Yay humpday! Wore Shea Moisture Shea Butter Luscious Lipstick in “Berry”. 


Was extremely pressed for time but applied E.L.F tinted lip balm which provided a nice nude color just like lipstick. 


TGIF! happy hour. Wore Bite lipstick in the color “Whiskey” and drank some whiskey too at happy hour.


Gotta have fun and be free. Wore Smashbox Always on liquid matte in “Chill Zone”.

In wearing lipstick every day for a week I not only discovered that I’m a lipstick addict. I could probably wear a different shade every day for two weeks. As I type this I’m considering ordering two more, but I digress. I’m glad I challenged myself to do something small that I enjoy. It good it feels to take just a little time for myself. 

In what small way do you think you could challenge yourself?

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