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Mini Natural Hair Chronicles: Getting hair school ready

Mini Natural Hair Chronicles are back! School is in session and we are in a higher grade with a new attitude. Literally…”mommy, can I wear ponytails for school?” Every year when getting hair school ready, she’d rather have ponytails instead of the braided styles that maintain a neat and time efficient style for the five school days of the week. Unlike others, I don’t pretend to have all the time in the world, with just one child, to recreate a neat ponytail style just to appease her and the friends that will compare hair styles during lunch. Deja Vu? Yes, I’ve mentioned this before here. I could give a flipping flop about her wanting to “fit in” with the other little girls in her class, because those little girls nor their mamas will be there to unravel her curls around those “snag proof” ponytail holders to the point that I have to grab the scissors and cut them out. Hence, the reason we don’t have many.

With that being said, I now have the task of finding big girl styles that will meet her approval, but also allows me to wake up with the sun and not before, in order to refresh her style. Searching through Pinterest, Instagram and other social media sites, I picked out a few child friendly styles that I could actually recreate to getting her hair ready for school.

Getting hair school ready with a braided ponytail

– so I know she didn’t mean to have her hair actually braided, but it is in a ponytail. Ha! The ease of blending her request with my want, is a great world in mommy life. Here are a few braided ponytails that can offer some inspiration.

Getting Hair School Ready

Photo Courtesy of So Adorable Via @Returning2natural

Getting hair school ready with beaded box braids

– the beauty of using beads is, she usually forgets all about ponytails and just wants to have that “I move my head back n forth” action going on with the uniform color coordinated beads.

Getting Hair School Ready

Getting hair school ready

Getting hair school ready with twists

Flattwisting mini’s hair does not always work out very well for us. The art of keeping the twists taught and neat for multiple days can be a challenge. However, mini twists are cool. Not only can they last for longer than a week, you can still wash, condition and style the twists till you decide to unravel and begin again.

Getting hair school ready

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

These are a few styles I’ve found online for getting hair school ready. How have you been styling mini me’s hair for the new school year?

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