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Mini Natural Hair Chronicles: Eczema

Eczema was diagnosed in our mini me at one of her doctor appointments where we recognized dry patches of skin that just wouldn’t go away.  Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis is said to be hereditary or a trigger from a part of a lifestyle. We can confirm that a baby a few months old does not have a lifestyle other than sleeping, eating and pooping. What a life! 

We were fortunate to know that eczema does run in the family and although we didn’t have it, our daughter did. Since this diagnosis over five years ago, we’ve consistently used mild soap, warm to cool temperature water and the healing ointment aquaphor on her skin. 


What about her hair?

Why would I think that if she would experience eczema on her legs and arms why not her scalp? As her curls grew in over the years, I never saw any need to be concerned, but lately mini me complains that her head itches. She scratched one section of her head so much she caused a sore! Does she have eczema on her scalp too? The survey would determine yes. 

What can we do to alieveate the symptoms of eczema on the scalp?

  1. Just like when taking a shower, when washing her hair, the temperature of the water must be warm to cool to keep the scalp from becoming inflamed. 
  2. When your child has eczema it’s very important to keep the scalp from becoming dry. 
  3. If you keep your child’s hair braided, big looser braids (unlike in the image above) aid in keeping the hair from pulling at the scalp. Which create tiny hair bumps that itch. 
  4. Use a moisturizing shampoo,conditioner and hair mist helps to keep the scalp from getting dry. 
  5. Massage the scalp with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Tea Tree Oil mix at least three times a week. 

Overall, the increase of water and a change of diet helps with any issues that we have with the largest organ of our body. With our mini me, she eats balanced meals including veggies and we limit the amount of sugar she consumes. 

Like any other health condition, we identify the issue by a licensed physician, if necessary get a prescription or over the counter cure and change our diets. With children, it’s a little difficult to handle eczema but it’s manageable. 

Do you or a member of your family have ezcema? How do you manage it?

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