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Mini & Me: Getting Ready with Jane Carter Curls to Go

Jane Carter Curls to Go

The summer days are passing by and the weekends fly by even quicker. Using Jane Carter Curls to Go has assisted mini and me to quickly get ready when we need to be somewhere at a certain time. We were provided the full line of the Jane Carter Curls to Go to review in exchange for our honest review.

Curls to Go

Curls to Go Curl Drench Cleansing Co Wash

If I must be honest, I wished this line, specifically for our type 4 hair, had a sulfate free shampoo. Washing mini me’s scalp is a necessity and co washing doesn’t quite get that task completed. However, after tending to her scalp with shampoo, I generously applied the co wash to her hair. Not only was the scent nice, I was able to easily move my fingers through her coily hair. I used it more as a conditioner than actually washing her hair. Curls to Go

For me, my short tapered hair doesn’t require much maintenance. I am able to co-wash my hair at least twice a week, something I wasn’t able to do in my morning routine with full textured hair.

Curls to Go Untangle Me Weightless Leave-In

With detangled hair, untangle me, works after co-washing to keep our conditioned hair ready and tangle free for our quick styles.

Curls to Go Curl Mist Me Over Curl Hydrator

Like sunflowers need water to grow, our hair needs moisture to stay healthy and grow too. The Jane Carter’s Curls to Go curl hydrator, spritz bottle gets moisture onto the hair in a matter of seconds. I’ve used this product almost daily on mini me’s hair and daily on mine. Hydration and shine is key to having and showing off healthy type 4 hair.

Curls to Go Shine On Curl Elixir

Using the curl elixir, it controls frizz, nourishes and smooths Curls. We use this product to seal in the leave in and curl hydrator to lock in the moisture.

Curls to Go Coiling All Curls Elongating Gel

In my natural journey, I have been adamant about not being a fan of gel. I’ve tried different types of gel and they have not made me change my opinion until I tried Curls to Go elongating gel. Of course, my hair is short so showing off elongated hair wasn’t going to happen. My hair was still soft and not hard or crunchy sounding like other gels would leave my kinky hair.

I encourage all to go out and try this household favorite product brand, specifically the Jane Carter Curl to Go line. Not only is it awesome for the type 4 natural to create that wash n go style, it also is perfect for the working mom that has to not only get themselves ready but their mini me too.

Curls to Go

Have you tried the Jane Carter Curls to Go, how did you like it?

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