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I Love My Hair But…

I Love My Hair But...

Hi Curlfriends,

So, let me say it took me awhile to become one with my hair. During my last salon visit, and explanation to my former stylist that I wanted to go natural, I left the salon with a short cute TEXTURIZED cut. Now y’all ask, “how did you not know chemicals we’re going in your hair”? I didn’t realize it until it was too late to even mention it. Now y’all may continue to say, with attitude, “I would have did this this and that…” I’m side-eyeing you, you and you. When you don’t do research or relate to someone that has gone through this experience…then you trust the beautician that has always had your hair in their hands…TRUST is a issue…

So now I’ve transitioned and can officially say I’ve been natural for 2 years!!!
I Love My hair But
I love my hair but, like anything else I have good days, I have bad. My hair can not just go under a bonnet, wake up shake it out put a flower in it and walk out the door. There’s steps to my ish…
I love my hair but I can not wash, co wash, spritz leave-in, no water allowed to my hair in my morning routine or you can see me looking like I stepped off a scene of Roots (the original version not that new generation version).
I love my hair but I wish whatever is going on in my kitchen (the back section of the head that appears the most coarse and unmanageable), would get over itself and grow along with the rest of my hair. It resembles a tapered look and I haven’t cut it!! The hairs are so sensitive back there. They break off in the winter. They break off in the summer. I just don’t know what to do than apply jbco constantly and rub the scalp. Ugh
I love my hair but sometimes I just want to be able to use any and every product. Shea Moisture loves my hair but that wasn’t always the case. Shea butter, jbco two of the first products I bought and continue to use but I want to walk down the street smelling like apricots, mangoes and all them tropical fruits! Recommendations?? Lol
I love my hair but I’d for once like to apply the right amount of oil to my scalp that doesn’t go down my forehead, neck, ears, etc etc etc…hence the tiny bumps formed on my forehead in the pic above.
I love my hair but why oh why must humidity be my and probably most of our kryptonite? I can have the best braid or twist out and go outside and poof. Literally!!
I love my hair but I get a tiny tiny bit jealous when I see my friend’s hair and their hair looks so much better than mine. Then I start analyzing their technique and wonder why the same technique did not give me the same results. Or did it give me the same results but it’s on my head and in my fashion so it’s still beautiful?
I love my hair but wish I didn’t have my father’s jet black hair color that REALLY exposes my natural life highlights (my definition for grey hair). 
So let me tell you, I got a brownish color dye to apply to my hair so I can get my spring color on…this permanent color system colored my hair nicely, I love my hair, BUT why oh why are my natural life highlights now tinted strands of hair scattered around my head? I need to get rid of them before my child pulls another thinking I have a strand of lint in my hair.
Til later…bye curlies, 4c 

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