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Working out has been a part of my life for years. I’ve had gym bags in all sizes- from over-sized duffle bags to random items shoved into a plastic shopping bag. I’ve encountered many types of locker sizes and gyms. Here’s are my gym bag essentials:

Deodorant:  Use a travel sized one if  your bag is small. You don’t want to be the one with stinky pits inside the gym or after the gym. I prefer degree deodorant because it works harder as your body temperature
Makeup removal wipes: One wipe removes most makeup and oil/dirt. Its best to remove makeup before you workout to avoid breakouts. It is also useful after the gym to refresh your face. My current fave is Olay fresh effects.

olay wipes
Sneakers: It is best to have a different sneaker for each kind of activity/sport. Most of my kicks are Nike as I mentioned in the past. However, don’t sleep on New Balance. My fave pair for running right now are the Women’s New Balance W780v3 Running Shoes. New balance has been making running shoes for years and have different variations to meet your balance w7 running
Master Lock: If you need a reliable combination lock,  which is also sturdy as heck and hard to break into, Master Lock is the one. Many people are OK with leaving their stuff in a locker without a lock, but why chance it?

master lock
Sweatband: Who likes sweat running down their face? I don’t like it at all. It also helps if you have acne prone skin, less sweat to clog those pores. I love Nike sweatbands. nike sweat band
Fragrance mist: The basic ones are usually made by the same brand as the deodorant you choose. If you want a fancier one,  you can get it from Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret.  Besides making you smell good after the gym it can have a cooling effect on the skin.

bath and body spritz
Blender bottle/water bottle:  I prefer Blender Bottle Co.’s sport mixer bottle. I use it to stay hydrated and energized during my workout. Blender bottles can be used to hold your protein/bcaa’s etc. or just plain water.


blender bottle
Eos Lip Balm: Because chapped lips are inevitable with sweat, heavy breathing and water drinking. I slick it on before and after my workout.  Currently the Eos in “Coconut Milk” gives me life.

eos coconut milk
Lotion: I find that constant sweating combined with the air conditioning of the gym dries my skin. If this happens I grab my Nivea Cream which comes in a cute compact tub, it also works well when I put it on after showering.nivea

Liquid Sanitizer: The gym is full of germs and you can’t rely on others to be responsible in washing their hands and being  hygienic….ever. I have seen some disgusting things, let’s not even think about how much bacteria is in one drop of someone else’s sweat. I may be a germophobe but I often use it after touching several pieces of gym equipment and/or when I leave the gym….after I wash my hands with soap and water(yes I wash my hands, then sanitize them). I like Purell brand even though any brand will work.

iPod: Most gym music sucks, so I listen to my own tunes to suit my workout and mood. I love my iPod 5.

iPod holder: That iPod I love so much? I would cry if it dropped while running or moving in the gym. To keep it safe I have it strapped to my arm at all times.ipod in armband


What’s in your gym bag?


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