Gel Polish is Bae

Gel Polish is Bae.

Gel Polish is my new obsession. What would you say if someone told you there is a magical way to have a flawless manicure that won’t chip or fade? What if they also said that a gel manicure looks freshly done for at least two weeks? 

I was sold on gel polish from day one when I heard all those good things. However, it sounded too good to be true. I decided to give it some time on the market and to do some research before trying it.

Long story short I didn’t research anything and got the gel applied. I’m a daredevil, right? LOL. My first gel polish was actually by accident. I was on a trip and selected the wrong pedicure package from the menu. The next thing I knew, the nail technician pulled out the UV lamp. I froze with excitement. If anything went wrong I could fix it since back home it was still winter. 

My pedicure stayed flawless and shiny for the remainder of my trip. It remained perfect even though I had hiked, swam, walked in the sand and stubbed my toes a few times. I was sold! Never have I come off a vacation and my nail polish looked as if it was just applied. Once home I researched and determined that the benefits outweighed the risks (stay tuned) and the next day I got a gel manicure to match the pedicure. As I write this I’ve had 3 gel polish applications so far. Here are the pros and cons:

First the good. 

  • It stays looking brand new for over a week, so less visits to the salon
  • There is zero dry time, you can literally get up and go
  • Gel polish is strong as hell, it doesn’t chip fade or scratch(I tested this thoroughly, cleaned the house, rummaged at bottom of my handbag etc)
  • Gel polish made my nails stronger and grow faster

Now the bad.

  • Gel polish “drys” via the use of UV lamps. The concentration of this is like being in the strong sun with no sunblock. Repeated, frequent use with no protection for your skin can put you at risk for skin cancer.
  • -Gel polish doesn’t remove with regular nail polish. Removal is best done by a professional nail salon. Improper removal can result in nail bed damage or infection.

My nail salon is the They provide protective barriers during the UV process and are gentle during gel polish removal. After each gel polish removal, my nails have come out with no damage. However, the gel polish removal process annoys me because I have to wait until I get to the nail salon. That being said I will save gel polish applications for vacations or special occasions where I need flawless, durable polish to last me for more than a day.

Gel Polish Manicure under UV lamp

My nails “drying” in protective gloves under UV lamp.

Gel Polish Manicure

My beautifully finished gel manicure.


Have you ever tried gel polish? Want to try it? Comment about your experience below!

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