Natural Hair

Dusting and Trimming Natural Hair

Dusting and Trimming Natural Hair

Dusting and trimming our natural hair is something many of us overlook. Especially those who want to grow long hair and believe cutting it will take off length. Years ago back before I had gone natural I briefly  got caught up in that same way of thinking. But I can serve as an example in many ways that not dusting or trimming your hair can lead to problems.

When I had relaxed hair as I mentioned earlier, there was a point when I thought not cutting it would make it longer. My hair grew long indeed but that didn’t last long at all. My hair ended up with split ends and damage to the point where when I went in the salon for a trim but had to take off about 3 inches to get my hair healthy again.

Once I had natural hair I had the same issue again. The first time it was during a natural hair growth challenge. I kept my hair in protective styles for almost a year. My hair grew a few inches but after going to a salon I had to get a cut and not a trim. The last incident was more recent, and just a result of being too lazy and too busy to put an effort into my hair care regiment. (Check out Kory’s hair regimen post here)

After all this trial and error I can say that I definitely learned the magic dusting and trimming combo that works for my hair. Here’s what I learned:


The rule is to do it once a season which would mean 4 times a year. I could only do this if I wore my hair in protective styles more often which would leave my ends under less stress. This method seems to work for most of my natural hair friends though, even ones who wear their hair out as much as me.


Dusting is like a light trimming where a very small amount hair is cut off, damaged ends are cut off right when hair starts to show signs of damage(split ends, ssks, tangling). Trimming my natural hair has become a game changer for me. I wear my hair out often and  for many reasons cannot get to a professional stylist 4 times a year to do a trim. Along with a hair care regimen, dusting my ends helps me keep my hair healthy. 

At the end of the day whether you choose dusting or trimming, those damaged ends have to go in order to keep your natural hair in good shape.

Do you dust or trim your natural hair?

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