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Can You Be a Lazy Natural?

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Natural hair trends come and go, but lately it seems that everyone wants to be a lazy natural. Before you proudly declare you will stop your apple cider vinegar rinses and 2 day finger detangling sessions, evaluate if the lazy natural lifestyle is beneficial for you.

In general, what is a lazy natural? It means longer time between washes, less time spent on styling hair, wearing hairstyles for longer time periods and a bare bones hair care regimen. Jo is a great lazy natural, her hair is also healthy. You can view her regimen if you need some assistance in creating one.

Now that you have an idea of what it is to be a lazy natural, you have to see if your hair is healthy enough to get less attention.

What is the current state of your hair? If your hair is thinning, breaking or showing other signs that it needs help, now may not be a good time to be a lazy natural.

What is your scalp like? Is it dry? Always oily? A healthy scalp is needed for hair to flourish, and it can also indicate any issues.

How often do you need to moisturize your hair? Everyone’s hair is different. Some naturals can use a heavy hair butter and be good for a week, others need to spritz on a leave-in daily. If your hair goes crazy after not moisturizing it in a day or two, then that is another factor to consider.

Being a lazy natural works for many, just be sure that it would work for you too.

What do you think about being a lazy natural?

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