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Braid and Curl with HAIRiette

Braid and Curl with HAIRiette
FTC: Products provided for my honest review

It’s been a mild winter, but I’ve been pretty consistent with protective styling. I wore my hair in a halo braid for the week but wanted something different so I did a braid and curl. Here’s how I achieved this style using HAIRiette products. I started off with dry hair, taking out my braids and spritzing my hair with a refresher to add some moisture. After detangling, I applied the Kokum Butter & Marula Oil Curl Creme and Oil Blend to each section for braiding.

Hairiette Braid and Curl

Check my Video below on how I used these two items in my hair

I really liked the end results, to the weather, most of the definition was gone. I couldn’t even get a selfie :-(. The mixture of the Curl Creme and Oil Blend left my hair very soft and fluffy. I’ll definitely be using this again with the Co-Wash.

About HAIRiette

Created by actress Tanya Wright, HAIRiette is a hair product line geared towards women of all ethnicities with dry, curly, coily and kinky hair. Visit or to purchase these products online. You can also find a copy of Tanya’s book, I Found God in My Hair.

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