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Blogging Does Not Pay Your Bills

I will say it again. Blogging does not pay your bills. OK, maybe that was too harsh. Blogging alone can pay the bills for some, but for the majority of us, that is not the case. Let me explain. 

Talking with a group of girlfriends over brunch, catching up on life, the subject of money came up. One commented and said “You’re a blogger right? You gotta be balling.” This woman is a new friend and doesn’t know my life yet, nor does she read our blog because I’ve written several posts about how my life is going. So I politely told her that the average blogger is not balling, and she was in disbelief. She then said, “but on Instagram I see all the bloggers going to events, trying out the newest products and dressing on fleek.” After laughing, everyone looked at me like I maybe had too many mimosas. I assured them I wasn’t drunk and proceeded to educate everyone at the table.


Yes, we do go to events, but it’s not that simple. Often times these events cost money to attend, have a wait list or you won’t even get invited if you’re not cool enough.


There are many companies out here that send products to bloggers so that they could test it out and tell people about it. But guess what? In many cases, the companies send product alone. You’re expected to spend your time reviewing the product(some companies have strict rules on that too)but may never receive compensation for your work.


It’s very easy to make your lifestyle seem better than it is on social media. I know of people who: Photoshop in a thigh gap, rent luxury clothing just so that they can be seen in it for Instagram, spend tons of money to buy followers and other drastic measures.

The reality is that blogging takes work. Blogging can lead to success but it doesn’t happen overnight. While it may seem as if all bloggers are balling, don’t believe the hype.

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    Toia B
    May 9, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Thank you for this! It seems the thinking of #bloggerlife has gone from “do you make money doing that?!” to “you must make ALL the money!” Lol! But that’s what social media does. I don’t doubt that some actually do make a decent living as bloggers but like you said, we ain’t ALL ballin!

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