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Best Wash and Go Products for Type 4 Hair

Best Wash and Go Products for Type 4 Hair

Who knew? Our most frequent search is Wash and Go products that work for Type 4 Hair. If you’ve been following Type4 Naturals online, you know Kat (and some other 4C’ers) believe a Wash and Go = a WASH AND NO for 4C Hair. Of course everyone’s experience is different, but here’s a list of the best wash and go products I’ve used for my 4A Hair.

Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Gel

aunt jackie's don't shrink

I reached out to Aunt Jackie’s a few months ago to review their products and the “Don’t Shrink” gel has been my favorite out of the bunch. It was able to give me a week-long wash and go; on previous attempts, I’ve NEVER had a the style last longer than a day or two. The Aunt Jackie’s “Don’t Shrink” Flaxseed gel not only defines my curls, it keeps my hair soft.

Check out my first impression video below

Eco Styler Gel

eco styler gel - Wash and Go Products for Type 4 HairEco styler gel made me LOVE the wash and go style. It is cost effective, comes in different varieties and can be used for more than just a wash and go. As mentioned in my product junkie on a budget video, it’s good to get products that have more than one use. I’ve used pretty much every variation, but recently I’ve been using the Krystal and Olive oil kind.

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker - Wash and Go Products for Type 4 HairCamille Rose Naturals Curl Maker was inherited to me by Kory a few months ago. I’ve heard amazing things about the Camille Rose Naturals brand and was excited to try this out. The first time around I hated it, but after more uses I was able to “perfect” my technique by mixing it with my staple leave-in Paul Mitchell: The Conditioner.

I’ve tried other brands, but these seem to work best my hair type. The best thing to do is see what works for you and go from there.

What are your favorite wash and go products?

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