5 Ways to Make your Manicure Last

I know 5 ways to make your manicure last longer. As an experienced nail polish user since I was a child, I’ve had plenty of experience. Manicures are a quick way to pull together your look. You can pick any color you want and either use your skills to do it at home, or you can go to a nail salon and relax as the manicurist does it for you. But after that pretty polish is on your nails how do you get it to last more than a day? Let me tell you how.


  1. Healthy Nails. This is number one on my list for a reason. Healthy nails are smooth without ridges and aren’t dry or brittle. Imagine putting a coat of nail polish on sandpaper…. Exactly. There is no way polish can go on smooth if your nails are a mess. If your nails need some TLC, try a nail recovery like this one by Red Carpet Manicure.
  2. Base Coat. Before paint is the primer. Before makeup is primed skin and before nail polish is a base coat. That’s just the law of the land. It also helps in making sure crazy colors like black and orange won’t stain your natural nails. Try this Base Coat by Smith & Cult.
  3. High-Quality Polish Only. The saying “you get what you pay for” is true in this case. I’ve used all polishes from the 99 cents no brand name polishes to the Tom Fords. Price doesn’t always represent quality though; you would have to use your judgement and look at the formula. My go-to’s are OPI and Essie, they have been consistently good over the years.
  4. Top Coat. As important as the base coat. The top coat seals in the color, adds shine, and protects from UV damage. Midweek when nails look dull apply a fresh top coat layer to get some more life out of your manicure. Try this top coat by Essie.
  5. Mind your nails. Do you use your nails open bottle caps? Do you bite your nails? Or use your nails to perform other daily tasks? Remembering NOT to use your nails as tools is hard, but once you stop you will see the difference.


How do you keep your manicure looking good?



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