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5 Ways to Become a Morning Person

5 Ways to Become a Morning Person

5 ways to become a morning person. Yes everyone wants to be a morning person but no one wants to do the work. But what if in just 5 small steps you could be on your way to waking up with the birds? Let’s begin.

Get Sleep

Waking up earlier means less sleep right? Not exactly. Let’s be real, how many of us are mindlessly scrolling through our DVRs or Instagram late at night? Those minutes/hours (I’m not judging) spent on those random night time activities can be cut down to allow you more time to sleep. When you are well rested you can wake up earlier.

Get Up

This is the hard part, but that’s why you must get a full nights sleep. When your alarm goes off, don’t hit snooze. Just get up right away, start moving and don’t go back to bed. After the first week this gets easier, trust me.


What you eat at dinner can ruin your sleep quality. If you have acid reflex don’t eat that lasagna with extra sauce. Avoid caffeine, energy drinks and high sugar foods before sleep too. The longer it takes you to fall and stay asleep, the harder it is to wake up.

Trick Yourself

If the first 3 suggestions aren’t helping you then you have to get a little more creative. What is that one thing you do at the start of every morning? Is it turning on the lights? Opening the curtains? Playing the morning radio? Turning on the TV? When you get up at your new early time, repeat those same habits so that your brain tricks the body into calming down because it will recognize your morning ritual.


If you do something the same time every day you will form a habit. Waking up early is a habit that has to be created for many people who aren’t naturally early risers. Wake up the same time every day, including weekends and soon you will see that you may even begin to wake up right before your alarm.


Early mornings are hard, but with some practice, it can become a habit. What steps above will you use to become a morning person?

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