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5 Things My Hair Stylist Taught Me

I am grateful for what my hair stylist taught me. I thought I could be a lazy natural, I really did. My hair has decided that it’s not about that life. For months, I was super busy and becoming a lazy natural just made life easier. Everything was well until my hair stopped curling right, shedded more than usual and didn’t have any body. It was time to go to a professional and see what was going on. After getting advised to start doing the things I had stopped doing before and some other tips, my hair is back on track. Here’s what I learned:


  1. Trim. Every hair stylist I have ever had has told me this and I always do it for a while and then stop. So far I have been doing well, getting a trim every 3-4 months and my hair has been much easier to handle that way.
  2. Mix it up. Change your hair styles around, not only will you avoid boredom, but you wont put stress on any one part of your hair.
  3. Color. Speaking of mixing it up. Color is fun, lots of fun. Y’all know this redhead phase im in is going to be here for a while right? Color can be done and not damage your hair, just leave it to the professionals.
  4. Condition. Deep Condition. Hot Oil Treatment. Leave-in Treatment. Protein Treatment. All of the above, just not all at once. I do some kind of treatment each week, depending on what my hair needs.
  5. Pre-poo. I’m still guilty of forgetting or skipping this step sometimes, but it makes a difference. When I pre-poo my hair comes out softer once its styled.



What have you learned from your hair stylist?

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