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4 Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

4 Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized

My hair is always dry. How can I keep it moisturized?

That seems to be the number one question we receive from our followers on social media. We all have our own regimens, but everyone’s hair type and porosity is different. If you’re struggling with dry hair, here are 4 natural hair basics to keep your natural hair moisturized.

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A Pre-poo (or pre shampoo method) is a process of coating dry hair before washing with shampoo. You can use an oil, food or a mixture of both and use the greenhouse method for an effective outcome. If you’re transitioning, pre-pooing is a great option to manage both hair textures. Benefits to pre-pooing natural hair are:

  • softens hair cuticles
  • easier to detangle hair
  • prevents hair breakage
  • retains and adds moisture to hair

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Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is a great way to keep your natural hair moisturized especially in the cooler months. It essentially adds the moisture back into your hair after daily wear and tear. Use it as a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly treatment to give your strands moisture and shine.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized


Want to give your hair a clean feel without using a shampoo? Try using a Co-Wash. Co-washing removes dirt and excess oil from the hair without stripping it from it’s natural oils. Cowash in between shampoo sessions and you will begin to notice the difference in curl definition and sheen.

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The L.O.C. Method

The most common method of keeping your natural hair moisturized using the L.O.C. Method.  The L.O.C. Method is a layered process of using uses products to moisturize and sealing moisture in your hair.

L(iquid) – Should be a water or a water based leave-in.
O(il) – Can be any oil of your choice.
C(ream) – Use a thick butter or cream to seal in the liquid and oil.

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What are some other ways to keep your natural hair moisturized? Share them below.

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