3 Tips to Get Ready for Back to School

Get ready for Back to School

For most New Yorkers, it’s that time of the year to get ready for back to school. The young 3 and 4 year olds starting their classroom education, to the college freshman attending courses away from their homes. Each group of children and parents are all in need of some tips to transition from the summer months towards the routines of alarms, schedules and homework.

Get Back to School with Time

That is how time goes when you’re not paying attention. For those of you that always say, “it was like yesterday I was in labor”. It’s not that we want to go back to the day we were feeling the pain of life entering the world, it’s to reference the lapse of time from that day to the first day of pre-kindergarten or the first day dropping your labor pain to their campus of choice. When getting ready for Back to School, be mindful that time can be an enemy or a friend of joyful memories.

Take the time to digest the changes that will occur during this time. For those entering the traditional education system, prepare your mind for new behaviors that come with children that are now exposed to different children. Mannerisms that have to be observed, accepted or corrected. Teaching rights and wrongs from another level.

Take the time to relax. The physical time it takes to get you and your child(ren) ready during your morning routines, going throughout your day, preparing dinners and understanding homework assignments, it all takes a toll on your bodies. Relax your time when you are getting ready for Back to School.

Prepare meals in the beginning of the week that can be portioned and reheated. If you are a traditional working mom, see if you are able to adjust your hours at work to allow you a bit more time to unwind and pace out your evenings so it’s not all an overload till bedtime.

You’re not perfect. It’s not a requirement. Relax.

Get Back to School with Shopping

This year instead of standing in the forever line in the stores that carry the specific color of the uniform her school uses, I opted to search Amazon. Online shopping is one of the best creations since sliced honey wheat bread. What’s better than finding sales on Amazon and receiving her new uniforms from shirts to shoes all in her upgraded sizes with 2-day shipping? You can also find the never ending list of school supplies that come all packaged and ready to hand over to the teacher on that first day. Suggestion: deliveries should seriously just go to the school, I mean really those 10 marble books and stuff are heavy.

I’m just saying!

Get Ready for Back to School

Get Back to School with Hair

During the summer months, depending on your lifestyle, taking the time to do your mini’s hair is quick and to the point because washing and conditioning was more frequent. Chlorine penetrated your mini natural’s hair and now must be taken care of for the weekly styling while you get in routine for back to school. In the Mini Natural Hair Chronicles, hair products and styling that help retain moisture and styles for a whole school week is usually my goal. There are many hair care products out there in the community, here are a few kid specific hair care lines to help your mini get their hair ready for back to school.

What have you done to get you and your child(ren) ready for back to school?

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