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BatGirl Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This BatGirl Halloween Makeup tutorial is quick and easy. I went to comic con this year and decided to do some light cosplay, Batman is one of my favorite superheros so that was my inspiration behind my makeup look and outfit. Here are the steps I took to get this look.

*It is best to begin these steps on a clean, freshly washed face for best results.

Step 1. Eyebrows. Fill them in with pencil, powder or wax to your desired shape. I used Anastasia Dip Brow to lightly fill in my brows. Thankfully they are already full and shaped thanks to Wink Brow Bar. (Tell them Kory of Type 4 Naturals sent you and read my experience with them here.) Skip this step if your brows are micro-bladed or already set another way.

Step 2. I added Hourglass “Mineral Veil” primer to my face. Urban Decay “Eyeshadow Primer Potion” to my eyelids. Let it dry for about a minute and head on to the next step.

Step 3. Time to apply the shadow. I’m using a customized MAC eye shadow palette duo of just dark gray and bright yellow. To keep the batman vibe I used a lot of yellow on the lid, then blended gray into the crease. Blend well so the colors naturally flow from one to the next. Try not to get the dark gray into the yellow because its so hard to fix. In creating this look my brush slipped down from gray to yellow and it took me a few extra minutes to fix it. Remember to add some yellow to the bottom lid also.

Step 4. Applied lashes and Stila “Stay all Day” waterproof liquid eyeliner and winged it out at the ends.

Step 5. I applied Lancome Teint Idole Ultrawear foundation with a makeup sponge. Let it dry then time for the finishing powders.

Step 6. To finish the look I applied Laura Mercier setting powder,  and blush. Then followed with Smashbox Spotlight Highlighting Palette to bring more light to areas such as cheekbones.

BatGirl Halloween Makeup

Step 7. Apply lipstick. This look works best with a black or purple colored lip. I started with black then changed it to purple since my main events were in the daytime and I wanted to a less dramatic lip look. I used MAC lipstick.

*Steps that can be skipped if you dare. Primer, but your foundation may slide off. Lashes, wont be missed if you already have thick lashes. Eyeliner, really helps the look in my opinion but it may not be missed if you have on false lashes. Highlighting, totally optional.

Below is my Batgirl Halloween makeup finished look. #TeamBatman

BatGirl Halloween Makeup

BatGirl Halloween Makeup – Final Look




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What Brands Contribute to Your Total Wellness

As the holiday season approaches us, our health and wellness is far from our daily thoughts because of candy, big meals and all of the holiday drinking that will commence…for some. While attending the, Editor Showcase Total Wellness event, I realized that our wellness can be incorporated into our daily lives with keeping moderation in mind.

Total Wellness

The brands that we interacted with at the Total Wellness event were:

Food to contribute to your Total Wellness

Up Mountain Switchel – Roots. Fruit. And Sap. Blended together to create carbonated and non-carbonated drinks that, for me, help to soothe any digestion issues that you may have while eating certain foods. My favorite beverage blend is the lemon-flavored drink of apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and ginger. Curious to know how this drink can help with your digestion and overall total wellness? Join our Friends-Giving event in November. Up Mountain Switchel is a supplying each of our guests with a sample to try on their own.

Total Wellness Swizzle

ALOHA – Plant-based products derived from whole ingredients convenient and accessible for modern life. These plant-based protein powders, bars and supplements provide the nutrients, vitamins and energy for a total wellness experience.

Total Wellness Aloha

Lifeway – Kefir is a cultured, creamy product loaded with probiotic health benefits that tastes like a yogurt drink. Lifeway Kefir is a tart and tangy cultured milk smoothie that is high in protein, calcium and vitamin D. Kefir contributes to your total wellness by maintaining your weight, skin care, energy, immunity, digestive system, mood and your daily calcium needs.

Total Wellness Lifeway

Spice Islands – We all have spices in our cabinets but, these spices and herbs are of the highest quality. Very intense and authentic flavor in each one of the bottles.

Total Wellness Spice Islands

CocoaVia – is a brand of daily cocoa extract supplement that promotes healthy blood flow. This supplement comes in sweetened and unsweetened varieties. You can use daily in your cold or hot milk, coffee, yogurt or oatmeal.

Total Wellness CocoaVia

Ocean Spray – Cranberry juice has a clean bold taste either on its own or mixed with other fruits such as cherries, apples and blueberries. With no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors, Ocean Spray really does provide goodness for a total wellness experience.

Total Wellness Ocean Spray

Beauty brands to contribute to your Total Wellness

Sleep Remedy – Sleep is very important to our overall total wellness. This product helps to change the way you sleep to lead you to a deep, restful and restorative sleep.

Total Wellness Sleep Remedy

Total Wellness Silk'nSilk’N – This brand is a complete line of beauty tools that can be used within the privacy of your home. Tools such as hair removal, anti-aging, cellulite and acne treatment.

These are a few brands that we interacted with to contribute to our total wellness. Are you familiar with these brands? What food and beauty brands do you use?

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Essentials for a Blogger Conference or Meetup

Essentials for a Blogger Conference or Meetup

If you follow our Instagram page, you might remember I was in Miami last weekend for Blogalicious 9. As much as I wished Kat and Kory attended, I was able to meetup and network with fellow bloggers and brand reps. I’ve been to many events and meetups as a host or attendee, but this was my first blogger conference ever. I did a lot of research to prepare, but some things still fell through the cracks. It was definitely a learning experience and I can’t wait to use the tools I’ve learned in the coming months. If you’re attending a blogging/ business conference or general meetup anytime soon, here are a few things to bring with you.

Business Cards

The #1 essential to bring for a blogger conference are your business cards. You will be speaking to brand reps, entering contests and meeting with other bloggers and keynote speakers. Bring more than you need because there’s a possibility you will run out. If there is a Staples nearby, print some out with necessary information like your name, business name, email address and where to find you on social media.

The Right Clothing

You want to be comfortable, but not TOO comfortable when it comes to clothing at a blogger conference. Business casual wear is usually best. There will be a lot of walking around so have comfortable shoes handy if wearing heels for a long time is a problem. Depending on the conference or your niche, a branded t-shirt can work for you. There may be nightlife offered in the city so pack something nice for dinner or drinks with other attendees.

Blogalicious Blogger Conference Kia Lounge

A Phone Charger or Battery Pack

At pretty much every blogger conference or event, there are updates via social media whether they’re quoted tweets of keynote speakers, going live, or posting photos and videos. Your battery will get low or your phone will die. Bring along a portable phone charger or have an external battery pack like the Mophie to keep your phone charged up.

Something to Document Notes

Blogger meetups usually are to bounce ideas off each other and help you be more productive; a Laptop for research or making notes is a good item to bring along. If the battery dies, pen and paper still work. Have these items handy in your bag to jot down notes. There may be some already available at the desk or table you’re sitting.

Beauty Essentials

There will be pictures and videos taken, so you want to look your best. Pack beauty essentials like a mascara, lipstick or lipgloss and a blush. I received this cute Girls Just Wanna Have Fun collection from Essence Cosmetics at Ipsy’s Generation Beauty NYC and it was perfect since it was already packaged in a cute cosmetics bag.

Girls Just Wanna have fun kit - Blogger Conference Essentials

Have you been to a business/blogger conference or meetup? What were some essentials you brought with you?

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5 Tips for Taking a Juice Cleanse

5 Tips for Taking a Juice Cleanse

In need of a “reboot” and somewhat cleanse from unhealthy summer eating, I recently took a 3 Day Smoothie & Soup Cleanse I purchased on Groupon. Benefits of taking a juice cleanse include lower calorie intake, energy improvement, and reduces your appetite. If you’re looking for a healthy option to lose weight or to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet, here are some tips to consider.

Ask a Doctor

If you’re on medication or have health issues, consult with your physician. There’s nothing wrong with a reboot or trying to be healthier, but if it’s not for you, it just isn’t.

Transition Slowly

The Jus by Julie is 100% Vegan. If you’re a meat eater, transition by incorporating more vegetables into your meals.

Don’t Starve Yourself

If you get hungry, don’t starve yourself until the next Juice or Soup; the plan allows you to eat steamed vegetables or egg whites in between.

Drink Water

Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated, it cleanses toxins from your body, reduces headaches and keeps you alert.

Exercise if You Can

As with transitioning to a juice-only diet, I suggest moderately increase exercising. Start by walking for 10-15 minutes and increase to jogging or running for 30.

While I didn’t fully finish, the Jus by Julie juice cleanse was a decent alternative to eating meat & carbs for a few days. It was also less messy vs making my own juices. In the coming months, I will purchase the fruits and veggies myself to make my own.

5 Tips for Taking a Juice Cleanse

Have you tried a juice cleanse before?