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4 Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

Holiday stress and the holidays don’t seem to belong together but they do. Thanksgiving has passed us by and now the holidays, including the stress it brings is upon us. Stay tuned for 4 Ways To Beat Holiday Stress as told to us by Dr. Raj Gupta.

To make the season more enjoyable, and to reduce stress, Dr. Raj Gupta says people should make their overall wellness a higher priority on their long holiday to-do list. “Physical exercise makes the mental strain of the season much more manageable and can substantially decrease the stress one feels from all the demands. Exercise and some refreshing thinking and relaxing techniques help if done on a consistent basis.”

Walk somewhere besides the mall.

A brisk half-hour walk a day relaxes the brain and improves sleep. A study by California State University found a 10-minute walk increases energy, alters mood and can bring a positive outlook for up to two hours. “There’s a rhythm to it that relaxes the brain,” Gupta says. “It’s a proven stress-reducer. Movement makes the worries keep their distance.”

Be a “chairman” if you’re bored.
Most of working America is sedentary, and now much of shopping America is as well given the growth of online purchasing. A chair dip exercise is a handy way to tone and energize between your computer screen times. You use two chairs facing each other, about three feet apart. Sit on the edge of one chair and grip the edge with your hands. Place your heels on the edge of the other chair. Slide forward so your rear end clears the edge, then lower yourself until your elbows are between 45-90 degrees. Slowly push yourself back up. “It works your triceps, shoulders and your core,” Gupta says.

Drink heavily … water, that is!
Many people over-imbibe during the holidays and it has a detrimental affect on their wellness. Water brings weight loss and keeps your body in balance for all kinds of stressors. “A whopping 75 percent of all Americans are dehydrated,” Gupta says. “Staying properly hydrated is a panacea for what ails you—from daytime fatigue to headaches to back and joint pain to losing weight. Why wait ’til after the holidays to lose weight?”

Give gratitude.

In the rush to get everything done, we forget to appreciate what we have. Gupta says pausing to reflect brings a perspective that calms you down. “Take a few moments to really relish your health and all your blessings,” Gupta says. “The holidays are a perfect time to remember all that.”

“People who are over-burdened often make time for everybody and everything but themselves, and that takes a toll,” Gupta says. “People troubled every holiday season by all the pressures must ask themselves, ‘Do I want to enjoy this?’ If so, they need to step away for a few minutes each day, get in a sweat, and get in tune with themselves.”


About Dr. Raj Gupta

Dr. Raj Gupta

Dr. Raj Gupta, who has more than 20 years experience as a chiropractor, is the founder of Soul Focus Wellness Center. He also is author of Wellness Center Solution: How Physicians Can Transform Their Practices, Their Income and Their Lives. He has a doctorate in chiropractic from Life University.


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Holiday Gift Guide – Kids Edition

Children Gift Guide

It’s beginning to look a lot like … for kids all over the world, this is the best time of the year for them and adults too. Long shopping lines, online deals, packed parking lots just to find that favorite item on the list of wants. Hot chocolate, ice-skating, tree lighting ceremonies, time at home and fun events. I was fortunate enough to receive tickets to visit Play fair a couple of weekends ago and it was the best idea ever. Not only did mini and her cousin have an awesome time, I was able to get an inside peek at the hottest items available in stores this year.

Toy Fairs for Kids Gift Guide

Kids Gift Guide 1.K’Nex | 2.Hatchimals | 3.Watchitude | 4.Happy Salmon | 5.Ben 10 Action Figures | 6.Pikmi Pops | 7.Shopkins

Along with online searches and attending fairs, a simple conversation with other moms will allow you to be in tune with items that are on the wish list of children ranging in the age of six to ten. During this past summer, my high school friends and our children had some fun times, reconnecting and catching up while enjoying the outside and birthday activities. Since then we’ve had several chats about the upcoming holidays and what their child would be asking for.

Brands to look into for Kids Gift Guide

As a blogging trio we are often provided items to review and offer our honest opinion for. The following links are a few items we received that we have contributed to our holiday gift guide.

Kids Gift Guide Mini me is wearing a Reindeer Headband provided by AOZKY Shop on Amazon


We are affiliated with the book subscription Junior Box Bookroo”. If you order a subscription, you will receive 15% off of your first junior box, original cost of $24.

50 Cities of the U.S.A.: Explore America’s cities with 50 fact-filled maps (The 50 States)Kids Gift Guide
Author: Gabrielle Balkan
List Price: $30.00

I Love a BookKids Gift Guide
Author: Joe Rhatigan
List Price: $16.95

Happy MailKids Gift Guide
Authors: Eunice Moyle; Sabrina Moyle; Alex Bronstad
List Price: $14.95

STEM Arts and Crafts:

Rosie Research STEM BraceletKids Gift GuideRosie Research

Clothing and Style:

Alphabet Children’s Sweatshirt
Kids Holiday Gift GuideCute Holiday themed Headbands by Amazon Store: Aozky
Kids Holiday Gift GuideAozky

If you think your mini me would like one of these headbands, follow us on our social media sites for a upcoming holiday giveaway!

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Get Ready With Me: Friendsgiving Brunch with Type 4 Naturals

Friendsgiving Brunch with Type 4 Naturals

If you’ve been following us online, you might’ve seen us promoting a Friendsgiving Brunch. We’ve hosted several brunch events in the past and thought it’d be great to do one around the Thanksgiving holiday. Our Friendsgiving Brunch was last weekend at Harlem Tavern. We had a good time eating great food and chatting with old and new friends.

Swag bag items were provided by Up Mountain Switchel, Amazin’ RaisinKokie Cosmetics, MiracleFlax, Dharma Bars, Cusa Tea, and Rooted Treasure. We also featured brands like Marc Anthony True Professional and Cherokeeweah in our raffle giveaways. Below are the goodies from the swag bag.

Friendsgiving Swag Bag

It wouldn’t be a Type 4 Naturals event without speaking about hair at one point. Some ladies expressed interest in my hairstyle so I decided to share. Due to packing swag bags the night before I had two choices: wear a low faux bun or a wash and go. I chose the latter, co-washing my hair with the Jane Carter Curl Drench Cleansing Co-Wash following up with the Bee Mine Organics BEE•U•Ti• FUL Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.

Cowash and Deep Conditioner

After finger detangling, I used a combination of the Jane Carter Untangle Me Weightless Leave-in, Kinky Tresses Nourishing Hair Oil and Coconut Mango Hair Butter to moisturize and seal.

A few months ago I shared my general method of how to get a bomb wash and go for your kinky hair. In addition to making sure it is wet and detangled, I included that you should use products that work. Since I was limited with time, I used the Coconut Mango Hair Butter as my styler. Using the butter sealed in more moisture than gel and I still had definition. Here is the final look of my hair and wearing the Kokie Cosmetics lipstick along with photos of the event. You can see more photos by checking the #Type4Friendsgiving and #type4brunch hashtags online.

Final result friendsgiving


Amazin Raisin


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Have you ever done a wash and go without gel on your kinky hair? How did it turn out?


Facials Over at Wink Brow Bar

Facials over at Wink Brow Bar have to be one of the best facials in NYC. I was asked to come in to try their new facial services, and at first I was a little hesitant. I have gotten several facials over the last couple of years and while most of the facial sessions were good, some were too harsh for my Black skin. However, the facial I got from Wink Brow Bar is honestly one of my best experiences.

I arrived and met with Zara Mohsin, Visiting skincare expert at Wink Brow Bar. I was immediately put at ease by her warm personality. I went into the room used for facials and felt even better as the ambiance of the room calmed me. I had makeup on but Zara was able to start evaluating my skin even before she had washed my makeup off. How cool is that? If you’ve seen my other posts or Instagram feed you know I do a flawless full face of makeup (yep, shes that good). So after Zara gently cleansed off my makeup she was able to evaluate my skin even further. Then she was able to tailor my facial to my exact skin needs, which at the time was dry skin layers on the top and trapped oil beneath it. Zara went to work on my face exfoliating, treating and massaging and I felt so relaxed the whole time, as if I was in some sort of blissful beauty sleep. After it was done she gave me instructions on how to care for my skin until my next facial. I felt great and my skin wasn’t red, it just had a glow and sheen I’ve never seen before. Days later my pores were able to do their job, they purged any remaining excess oils and now my skin is smoother, softer and no longer super oily. Time to add facials back into my beauty regimen. I’m now a fan and a believer in The Skin Whisperer– Zara Mohsin.

My skin a week after my facial at Wink Brow Bar.

Zara’s info can be found at Zara’s facials are customized and include whatever you could need to deal with all the layers of your personal skin concerns. She does a full skin analysis, a prescriptive regimen and treatments. She is also available at anytime for any concerns. Wink Brow Bar takes an approach that this is holistic, where she deals with the skin as an important organ tied in with the rest of your body and lifestyle. Zara Mohsin, Visiting skincare expert Wink Brow Bar is available at all locations. The products used for facials are by Dr. Rimpler – from Germany and around for decades, they are all natural, created by Holistic Chemists.
Wink Brow Bar not only provides great luxiourious facials (affordably priced starting at $110), they offer services for brows such as top of the line threading which I wrote about here. Give them a try and let us know what you think.