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Stove Free Crockpot Recipes

Stove Free Crockpot Recipes

Stove Free

Stove Free Crockpot Recipes

Now that the temperatures have been consistent, I have also been consistent with not wanting to cook. Working all day and then coming home to turn on a stove in hot temperatures is not an idea of a relaxing evening. Having leftovers without the use of a microwave can turn a cool kitchen into a sauna.

Crockpots are a great addition to our kitchen appliances. We’ve had ours for about five or six years and it hasn’t disappointed us yet. I usually take the crockpot out of the storage during the winter months to make recipes such as my beef stew. I’ve never thought of using it for anything else than stew or soups. Instead of making sandwiches and salads, I decided to take the crockpot out and search for some summer time meals to feed the family during these summer evenings.

Here are some pretty easy recipes with items we already have in our fridge and cabinets:  

Blueberry French Toast
Aunt Lou, the author for this recipe of Blueberry French Toast gives us a delicious looking recipe that I must try. Who knew you could start the day with such a great recipe. I may have to turn on the stove to add some bacon to accompany this stove free recipe.

Chicken Wings
Ashley Manila used the oven to caramelize the buffalo sauce on these chicken wings. To keep up with the theme of this post, ignore the oven and if you have an outside grill or even a George Foreman, throw the fully cooked wings on the grill to get the wings crispy. Accompany these wings with a homemade salad and you have yourself a great light stove free meal.

Stove Free

Ashley Manila –

Crockpot Baked Potatoes
On high for about 4 to 5 hours, you can indulge in a fully baked potato with all the trimmings all in the crockpot. This I must try. I may even pair it with the wings.

Coconut Cake
I’ve heard of having microwave cake and it didn’t dawn on me to take the same ingredients and place them in the crockpot. Imagine coming home from a long day out to the sweet smell of a coconut cake that was made in your crock pot.

Mexican Hot Chocolate
I know, it’s summer time. Why would we want hot chocolate? Just like a cup of coffee or tea gives you that extra boost of energy or helps you to unwind, a cup of good melted chocolate with or without spirits can relax you in the evening. This is also a great homemade treat for the kids to do all on their own – because they want to “cook” too.

Cinnamon Pecans
The author of this recipe states that this treat is “Sugary cinnamon pecans made in your crock pot! These are so easy and dangerously addicting!!” I don’t think I have to say anything further about this stove free snack.

So there you go, a few of the many recipes that I found online that are completely or just about stove free. There are of course sandwiches and salads that you can make but why not indulge in these meals. Take pictures if you try these recipes, post online and have your friends questioning how you could dare put on a stove in 90 degree weather.

Beauty Natural Hair

5 Kinky-Curly Hair Products for Summer

Natural hair product stash

1. Shea Moisture”Frizz Defense Hair Masque”

Shea Moisture deep conditioners work well, this one is perfect for summer because it has ingredients such as Pistachio Oil to aid in keeping hair frizz free.
sm frizz
2. Eden Body Works “All Natural Cleansing CoWash”
This is one of the best co-washes available and it works for my 4b hair. It has all natural ingredients and gets hair gently cleansed and moisturized.
eden cowash
3. Naturalicious “Step 4. Heavenly Mist Hair Refresher”
When the sun dries my hair out I keep this spritz on hand to give it a burst of moisture.
naturalicious hair mist
4. True by Made Beautiful “Moisturizing Shampoo”
This shampoo not only smells good, it leaves my hair soft and fluffy.
made shampoo
5. L’oreal cleansing balm
Short on time? L’oreal cleansing balms are 6 steps in 1. It shampoos, conditions and treats hair leaving it de-tangled, shiny and strong. (For a review of this product check out our YouTube Channel here)
loreal cleansing balm
Have you tried any of these products? Let us know what you think.
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How to Save Your Coin with Groupon Coupons

How to save your coin with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and experiences are mine.

Living in NYC with skyrocketing monthly costs, finding activities to do with the kids during time off from school, can become another heavy expense without the use of Groupon Coupons . A totally free application that you can download and have ready on your smartphone, Groupon Coupons offers many options that allows you to be able to save your coin and feel as if you’re not missing out on the best. Here are some ways that we use Groupon Coupons.

Not having a car in NYC used to be a real inconvenience at times however, with discounted services such as car rental company, Hertz, we can expose our kids to adventures outside of the five boroughs. From day trips to full service resorts, weekend getaway options are just a click away.

Decide you don’t want to drive far but want to feel as if you’re away? How about renting a hotel room with a pool, recreation room and spa service for mom using There’s currently a $19 Ice-Bar experience happening at the New York Hilton Midtown right now!! This may not be the most appropriate activity for the kids, but mom and dad may enjoy this chilling experience for sure!

Besides travelling near and far, trips, restaurants and hotels, Groupon Coupons offers many other goods that allow you to save your coin and still receive a great experience or item. We recently enjoyed our staycation experiencing the New York double decker bus tour at a discounted rate than what you’ll be quoted on the streets of Manhattan. We had the best time, doing an activity we see all the time.

Here are some other retail shops that you can find deals using Groupon Coupons:

Apple Vacations
Bare Necessities
Barnes & Noble
Bealls Florida
Bed Bath & Beyond
Foot Locker
Walgreens and more …

Interested in saving your coins on the places and things that you purchase, you should try Groupon Coupons!! You’ll thank me later when you look at your spending report!

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Graze Snack Box Review

graze snack box

I was sent a Graze Snack Box to review and give my honest opinion. I’m a foodie and a big snacker, and lately I have been on a quest to make better choices when grazing/snacking.

What makes Graze different from other snack boxes?

-Variety of snacks available that aren’t in expected or standard flavors

-If you don’t like a certain snack you wont get it sent to you again

-Over 90 snack box combinations available

-In house nutritionist to ensure each snack is nutritious

-Portion controlled packaging

(Already sold and want to try a Graze Box? Get your first box free by clicking here and using code TYPE4Graze)


So lets get to the snacks!! Here’s how my box arrived:

image1 (2)



The box is a perfect fit for small mailboxes and the snacks are portioned out perfectly. Everything looked so tasty when I laid it all out.

image2 (1)



All the snacks were delicious! The flavor was on point and I was pleased that a majority of the snacks were still nutritious and tasty, even though there were no tree nuts. I have become a fan with each snack I tried, from the soy nuts(a tasty mix of pumpkin and sunflower seeds), to the snicker-doodle pretzels(my favorite because I love Snicker-doodles). Graze is definitely a great snack box option. What makes Graze stand out to me is the variety of snacks, wonderful flavors and the fact that they really try not to send you a snack you won’t like.

Want to try a Graze Box? Get your first box free by clicking here and using code TYPE4Graze


Kory the Essence Model

Kory Essence

Essence, many of you may know it as a magazine. But over the years Essence has grown into many different platforms and has a great show that airs online called Essence Live. That picture up there is me. Yes, I’m a model and I will always remember that day I was on Essence Live. Add it to the long list of things I do outside of my 9-5 like being a blogger and freelance writer. It’s something I’ve always loved even though I’m not an supermodel like Tyra Banks, but in my head she’s my big sister.

Essence Live was looking for the bold, the brave, the real…real women with real bodies who faced common issues when searching for a bathing suit. One day I got an email telling me I’ve been selected for the segment I was excited, yet nervous as heck. Honestly on most days I love my body, but there are days when I get critical and feel like the whole world is shaming me for not having a flat stomach and a thigh gap.

At the fitting to determine which bathing suit I would wear those feelings of shame increased, I wondered if the other women would be super skinny, therefore making me look 20 pounds bigger on TV, I even wondered if the shows assistant was thinking no way my thighs can fit into a bikini bottom.

I was wrong. Once I stripped down and started trying on bathing suits I felt a surge of sexiness, confidence and purpose. All the bathing suits used were by black designers which made me feel so much pride, and the bathing suit selected for me was so cute and stylish. The day of the taping I met the other models and felt relieved that they too were black women with real bodies. In the dressing room we told jokes and planned how to purchase all the awesome swimsuits. Taping our swimsuit session was a blast, the entire staff and the host worked well together and all had great personalities.

Check out my portion of the Essence Live swimsuit segment here.

About the swimsuit I wore:
Swimsuit Designer/Brand: Nakimuli
Description: “Black Aztec Swimsuit Top” with matching briefs.
Essence Live airs every week and has some great topics and celebrity guests, check out this weeks latest episode here.

Natural Hair

3 Natural Hair Product Combos That Moisturize and Shine 4A Hair

3 Natural Hair Product Combos That Moisturize and Shine 4A Hair

There’s no feeling like your hair being moisturized and having shine after a long wash day. Through endless hours viewing Youtube videos and my own trial and error, I’ve learned to mix and match natural hair product combos and eventually create a regimen that works for me. If you’re starting to build a regimen or curious on what natural hair product combos give both moisture and shine to 4A hair, keep reading.


I don’t know what took me so long to try Naturalicious products. I was very skeptical even after reading Kat’s review, but the Moisture Infusion Styling Creme and Divine Shine Moisture Lock & Frizz Fighter combo gives a finished shine, but doesn’t leave my hair greasy.


Uncle Funky’s Daughter

This was the first time in my 4+ years being natural that I mixed products in a bowl instead of layering on to of each other. Using the Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme and Extra Butter Brilliant Shine Creme worked so well, I didn’t even have to use oil.

Lotta Body

Lottabody is that brand many loved while relaxed and loved even more as a natural. Their prices are good, they smell amazing and most importantly, they WORK. Check my video showing how I do the LOC method using the Love Me 5 in 1 Miracle Styling Creme, Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion and Moisturize Me Curl and Style Milk

What are some natural hair product combos or individual products that give your hair moisture and shine?