Kimberla Lawson Roby A Sinful Calling

Book Review: A Sinful Calling

*I was sent A Sinful Calling by Kimberla Lawson Roby to read and give my honest opinion in a book review.*
I am new to the Reverend Curtis Black Series by New York Times Best Seller Kimberla Lawon Roby , but I’ve heard it’s a good series and couldn’t wait to read it. As a Christian I appreciate  how Kimberla always manages to get you thinking about your relationship with God and this book definitely had me doing that.
The story is moved along by the two main characters Dillion black, the secret son of Curtis Black, his diabolical wife Raven and his sister Alicia. My first impression of Dillion was shocking, here I am reading about a pastors son who then  decides to become a pastor himself. It all sounds good until he starts going into his dramatic past. He truly has a sinful past, he cheated on his girlfriend, blackmailed his father and slept with his brothers wife. So I thought OK, so he has surly turned a new leaf since he is a pastor now…but no. This man is making up stories to preach about, is all about the money and still into his cheating ways. But the plot thickens once Dillion returns to an alcohol addiction that puts himself and his family at risk.
Then there is Alicia. She is the sister of Dillion And seems to have it all together. She’s happily married and is successfully chief operating officer of the church. But she too has a dark past that involves her in the death of her husband and being rejected by all her family except her brother Dillion. Oh and she hears voices in her head…
A Sinful Calling is a great story involving all sorts of drama and bringing stereotypical church characters out in a realistic manner. I enjoyed the drama and each characters inner struggles reinforced how important it is to have a healthy spirit and relationship with God.  This  book is worth a read and a great addition to the series. I now plan on reading up on the Reverend Curtis Black series to catch up on the drama.
A Sinful Calling is officially released the end of June 2016. Get more info and a copy of the book here.

PUREifying 4c Hair

Pure by Made Beautiful Purefying collection

Disclaimer: We received the Made Beautiful Pure line for our review. This post is my own honesty and opinion. 

PURE by Made Beautiful is a clean refreshing product line including cucumber, aloe and lemon. All ingredients you associate with a natural clean finish are within the makeup of this Pureifying line. The product line is created to clarify (strip) product buildup from your hair strands, provide a detox and restore moisture to your hair.

If you’re not aware, kinky 4c hair is a coarse tight coil hair texture. Little and/or heavy use of moisture can create constant breakage. This is my opinion of my hair texture and what I’ve encountered as well as heard. Your experience maybe different or maybe you do not truly have 4c hair. With that being said, be very cautious using a clarifying shampoo. Just like that dry but clean feeling you get when you wash your body with a soap that doesn’t provide any moisture, that’s exactly how my hair felt. And rightfully so, it’s clarifying. On the rare occasion where there is gel in my hair, pure would definitely come in handy. If you do purchase this product line and have my texture of hair, don’t use often. I know I won’t be.

Pure by Made Beautiful Purefying rinse

The next item that we received from the PUREifying collection is a pureifying rinse. The rinse is made up of apple cider vinegar, eucalyptus and coconut. I didn’t use the rinse because like the shampoo, it’s purpose is to cleanse the scalp and remove product build-up and impurities – clarify. At this point, I need moisture, not a rinse that does the same process as the shampoo.

The smell of the rinse like the shampoo is clean. You can get a hint of the eucalyptus but not a full dose. I regret not at least trying it a tiny bit – I like the tingling sensation from eucalyptus or peppermint on the scalp.

Pure by Made Beautiful detox masque
Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!! With the ingredients of coconut, sea kelp and shea butter, I slathered as much as I could on each and every strand of this hair and my hair soaked it up like gulping a ice cold bottle of water on a hot and humid summer day. The Detox Masque gave my hair back its life. My hair after being pureified, was brought back to life with the detox. Was it as soft as when I’ve used other conditioners? No. But I was able to detangle my short tapered strands. And feel relieved since using the shampoo that my hair would not be dry.

Pure by Made Beautiful Replenishing Styling Creme
Finally bringing us to the final product in the collection – Replenishing Styling Crème. Similar ingredients as the detox, shea butter, sea kelp and aloe. I used the crème to retwist my hair and give more moisture. It felt moisturized, soft and manageable however, the next morning when I unraveled my tiny coils, it was as if I put a cocktail of the crème and gel to my strands. I liked the definition but, my hair felt crunchy. If anyone knows, I don’t care for gel in my hair. So to put a product on my hair that results in feeling like gel, is a no no.

From what I learned during this weekend’s International Hair Meetup Day, By Made Beautiful has several other lines available at your local Sally stores. We can’t wait to try the other lines.

Have you tried Pure by Made Beautiful?  What do you think?


Naturalicious Review on 4b Hair

**Type 4 Naturals are proud to be ambassadors of Naturalicious, we were sent these products to review and give an honest opinion.**

The concept of Naturalicious is pretty cool, it consists of 4 products that you can use in 4 quick and easy steps. Using just the 4 steps cuts down dramatically on time spent during wash day. The product in each step also has multiple uses if you wish to use it for maintenance in between weekly washes. I was excited to try the products after Kat had it work well on her 4c hair, and then it also worked on Jo’s 4a hair. Having 4b hair places me in the middle of both of those hair types, and personally when I try a new product it’s usually hit or miss.

Step 1

Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment

I cannot lie when I shook up the bottle and placed the product into my palm I was surprised to see actual clay come out. I know it says clay on the bottle, but I expected something that looked more like shampoo. The product also has no suds, but somehow magically it gently cleaned and clarified my hair and scalp without stripping and it rinsed out easily, leaving no residue behind. My hair really liked the clay treatment because I had defined curls after rinsing.

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Twist & Curl With True By Made Beautiful

Twist & Curl With True By Made Beautiful

I was first introduced to True by Made Beautiful back in December after attending Tribe Called Curl’s last Kinks and Drinks and immediately fell in love with the Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner from my swag bag. Fast forward to earlier this year after Brunch with Bae, when we were all able to get our hands on the Hydrating Hair Butter, I had successful results using it frequently for our Fall and Winter #Type4PSC. Since warm weather is (sort of) among us, I’ve been letting my hair down and trying styles I’ve never done with my natural hair due to lack of length, time or plain old laziness. In continuation of experiment with perm rods, here’s the process of my first Twist & Curl style  using the two True by Made Beautiful products.

I started out on freshly washed hair and used the Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner to detangle and moisturize my strands. The leave-in, like most is light in consistency, but it isn’t watery. Main ingredients are shea butter, coconut, honey and mango – all great properties for keeping your hair moisturized.

The next step was to use the Hydrating Hair Butter to style. I did flat twists around the perimeter of my head and used grey perm rods to set the curl half way down. For the crown of my head, I did two-strand twists for more definition and fullness when I separated the twists.

Because my twists didn’t fully dry, I wasn’t too pleased with the end results, but it grew on me throughout the day. I ended up doing the style over, adding an oil to the mix for some shine. I was feeling my day two Twist & Curl so much, I decided to do my neutral lippie swatch video. 🙂

View my full video showcasing the end results and my extended review.

Have you used True By Made Beautiful products before? What natural hairstyles were you able to achieve? 


Mini n Me Recap

For our first children’s event: Type 4 Naturals Presents Mini n Me, I think we did really damn good. Lol We received some good feedback from our vendors and parents. One of our guest’s mini me described the event to mom as, “it was for black women and their black daughters with natural hair!”

Yes, yes it was!!

Slightly behind schedule, we were still able to start and end on time. With two volunteers on board, check-in went smoothly giving the moms the opportunity to sign in and be greeted by one of us with a heavy swagbag. Arts and craft station was a hit, keeping the young girls entertained the entire time creating ‘I AM’ vision boards of words and images that they feel describe themselves. I had to admit, I loved the idea that I did one too.

Mini n Me - I Am boards
However, that was not the only entertainment for our Mini n Me event.

Face Art by Melissa was so awesome, even I wanted to walk away with a butterfly or kitten image around my eyes.

Mini n Me Recap
Photo Courtesy of 8G Photog

Our moms sat and intensely took in the gems that Tamika dropped during her two, yes TWO hair tutorials. For those moms that have daughters with short kinky hair, you too can style their hair with a comb, styling gel or créme and patience. Wesley Styles did her thing on the sleepy baby.

Mini n Me Recap
And then did another tutorial for an older daughter. Both girls were great models.

Mini n Me Recap
Beautiful styles that I will recreate with our mini natural.

Along with the “mommy juice”, moms let us know that they loved our heavy swag bags that included:

Mini me’s didn’t walk away empty handed, their little swag was complete with all things girly like chap stick, princess stickers, candy and star wands. They received their bags at the end, as a mom I knew how that candy would turn them into energizer bunnies, hopping all over the place. Instead we sent them on their way to release that energy on their moms. LOL

Last and not least, we want to thank our photographer for the day, 8G Photog for taking our pictures, helping me transport items to the event, helping set up the event and cleaning up.
Mini n Me Recap
Without him, I wouldn’t have my mini me…
We want to also thank all the moms that attended our event, family and friends that supported our goal to promote little girls seeing beauty in their natural hair.

allergies and fitness

Allergies and Fitness

I’m allergic to everything in nature so the colder weather months are usually blissful. I’m not a sneezing, wheezing, red nosed watery eyes itchy mess, life is good until the ice melts from the ground and the trees begin to pollinate, then all hell breaks lose. One good thing about the warmer weather is the ability to  go outside and enjoy nature, if your into fitness like me then you already know there is nothing like taking a power walk, jogging or doing some yoga outdoors. How is that possible if you have allergies? Here is how allergies and fitness can co-exist:

The time of the day is important, most people experience their worst symptoms in the morning when pollen is most active. Many also believe that while you sleep overnight your immune system is more active, in that case reacting harder to allergens and waking up a hot mess. If that is the case you may fare better doing your workouts in the late afternoon or evening. But what if you can only work out first thing in the morning? That leads me to the next point.
I know some people who refuse to take medication for their allergies, they rather stay in doors or don’t mind all the sneezing and nose blowing. My allergies are almost at a severe level so some sort of allergy medication is needed to manage my symptoms so that I can function from day to day. There are several options available these days and you can get it in all forms from liquid, gel cap to nasal spray. Many medications work 24 hours and you can take the medicine according to when you need it most. For example if your allergies are really bad in the morning you may want to take it before bed so that there is time for it to work before you begin your day.

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