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10 Edge Controls Under $10

10 Edge Controls Under $10
This is not a sponsored post, but does contain some affiliate links. All opinions expressed are my own.

We love sharing affordable hair products that work for Type 4 Hair. Continuing in our 10 under 10 series, we’re moving on to edge controls. We’re in protective style season and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Whether you’re rocking extensions, crochet braids or want a slick up-do, edge controls help to keep the “fuzzies” away, making your hairstyles look sleek. If you’re looking for a new edge control, here are 10 available under $10.

LottaBody Control Me Edge Gel

LottaBody Control Me Edge Gel

Average Cost: $4-6


LottaBody Control Me Edge Gel contains Coconut and shea oils and is formulated to leave hair soft, nourished and shine.


Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother


Average Cost: $8-10


Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control Smoother applies dry so hair stays sleek. It contains aloe to keep hair moisturized and soft. Great for pompadours, tapered cuts and slick ponytails.

CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste

Average Cost: $8-9


This product contains organic blueberry extract, argan oil, mango and shea butter and argan oil. Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste smooths and slicks down unruly edges. You can use it to enhance and define curls as well.

Inspire Curly Temple Balm

Inspire Curly Temple Balm

Average Cost: $8.99


The Curly Temple Balm gives a medium hold and is good for ponytails and twists. It contains a blend of shea butter, honey, and coconut oil and helps moisturize your edges.

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control

Average Cost: $5-6


The ORS Olive Oil Edge Control is non-sticky, non-greasy and provides a hold without hardening the hair. It’s free of alcohol and doesn’t make your hair flake. Continue Reading

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Black-ish Conversations with Children


Black-ish Conversations with Children

We are in mourning. I am in mourning. Aren’t you? Two months later, as in the ABC sitcom Black-ish’s Lemons episode, I’m still in disbelief that a reality TV person (to say star is too nice of an adjective for this particular person) campaigned and won the Presidency of the United States. Now we do live in a country where you don’t need much to become president but damn, I’d think love for all humanity would be somewhere on the moral list of qualifications. I will guess it is not. We do live in a country that was built on theft, lies and murder, but I thought as a country we left the past in the past to learn from, but to never forget?

Every week, we tape and replay the 9:30 Eastern time episode of the ABC show Black-ish to re-watch with mini me. She truly enjoys watching the show, we particularly think it’s because of the twins Diane and Jack. They are the cutest characters on the show. After explaining that this week was not a funny episode, she still cared to watch and make the judgment for herself.

The minutes concluded and we were left with a silent child and even I was in an emotional state of mind. What do you say to support the show’s plot to a child? That everything that Dre was telling his co-workers were true? That Jack was just looking at an empty bowl?Junior and Pops relationship during his awakening of Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream Speech was real for Pops time and for Junior’s future. Mother and daughter both wanting for equality through a pot of good lemonade. How do you explain what has happened in the past, currently and how it will effect us in the future to a seven year old? All she understands is, Barack Obama was a black man in the White House and Hilary Clinton lost the election to Trump.

For us adults, at the end of Dre’s speech, he mentions that there was something that made so many people vote for the reality person than having a woman president. What was it? In a world where children are being thrown to the ground, tassered and handcuffed just because they didn’t say yes sir, no sir. In a world where the man voted in, can say and do whatever he sees fit because he can. Immigrants that have made a life for themselves, threatened to be thrown out of a country that allowed and made it possible for them to be our supervisors and managers. Black-ish writers, asked the tough questions that we all thought, felt and wanted to ask but couldn’t and definitely didn’t openly discuss with children. At least we didn’t.

Why didn’t Hilary Win? Mini me asked.

While we were all in shock, so were the children especially the little girls that looked forward to the idea of having a female president in the White House. She wouldn’t be a secretary, maid or chef but the President of the United States. I didn’t have the answers for her. To be honest, I asked the same thing as I watched the news repeat over and over that the new president wasn’t her but him. I wanted answers to my questions too.

On the third Monday of the month, this day represents peace and the dream of equality for all men, women and children in this country. Dr. King’s speech was read, comprehended and recited to an auditorium room full of Junior’s peers. His task as student body president was to not just repeat the “I have a dream”speech but to understand what that dream was and if it is a reality today. Depending on who you are, how old you are, where you’re from and where you’re going, the hope for that imagery in that dream will never come true. It’ll all only be a dream. Until it’s a reality, the questions that were asked in the black-ish Lemons episode will forever be asked with no definite answers.

At the end of the Black-ish episode, mini me was silent. She got up and proceeded to play with her toys. She had no questions or thought anything interesting about the episode. Deep inside, I was relieved that there were no follow-up discussions about the election. Remembering that she is only seven years old and her exposure to this event was simple, why didn’t a woman win?

What were your conversations like with your children about the election?

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I Found God In My Hair a Book Review

I Found God In My Hair a Book Revew - Type 4 Naturals

The title of this book I Found God In My Hair caught my attention. As an unapologetic Christian especially. I was intrigued, how could one find God in her hair? Could I do the same? Or have I already found God in my hair but didn’t know it?

Tanya’s experiences in the book showed me that the lessons learned in relating to your hair can be applied to real life. For example in one section titled “Attachment” Tanya writes: “My hair is like a box of chocolates: I never know what I’m gonna get. Rather than get attached to the result of something- of thinking that things should look and be a way that they aren’t- I have learned not to get attached to a fixed picture in my mind…” This is an experience I can relate to for sure. When I was first going natural I had an image that I was attached to, it was of actress Rachel True. She and I have similar racial backgrounds and I loved her big hair. As my hair grew out into coils versus the loose type 3 curls Rachel had I got anxious, and assumed I was doing something wrong. Ultimately I had to do like Tanya did and not get attached to the fixed picture in my mind. Once I was no longer attached what I thought my hair should be, I was able to truly nurture and learn to love what grew from my scalp naturally.

If you’ve been natural all your life, are newly natural, or transitioning this book shows that your relationship with your hair can mirror all sorts of relationships in your life, including one with God.

I FOUND GOD IN MY HAIR is a part of the HAIRiette of HARLEM lifestyle brand of products and can be found at

As an actress, Tanya Wright has appeared on countless critically acclaimed television shows. Her debut novel based on her feature film, BUTTERFLY RISING, was deemed one of the “five finest of the year” by the esteemed Brooklyn Book Festival. Tanya was a semi-finalist in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists’ Nicholl’s Screenwriting Competition and a fellow at the Mark Taper’s Blacksmyth’s Playrwrighting Lab.

Buy your copy of this and other books by Tanya Wright here!

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How to Relieve Itchy Scalp Using Canviiy


How to Relieve Itchy Scalp Using Canviiy

Winter months in the New York City area can become brutal on our hair and skin, including our scalp. Those that have skin issues such as eczema have more steps to take to keeping the scalp clean while retaining moisture for their skin. Sixty-three (63) million Americans suffer from dandruff and 12.4 million suffer from an incurable scalp condition call sebeorric dermatitis that’s known to cause mild to severe scalp irritation. When I was provided the Canviiy ScalpBliss™ Collection to review for my own thoughts and opinion, I took the opportunity to try the product out for myself. While my hair is currently in a protective style, there are moments when my scalp can become very itchy. While using Canviiy ScalpBliss™ serum on certain areas of my head, I was able to maintain an itch-free feeling for a good amount of time throughout the day.

Canviiy’s Founder, Sherrel:

Contents Received:

– 6 sample containers of Canviiy ScalpBliss™ serum
– 2 samples of on the go Canviiy ScalpBliss™ serum
– 10 lint-free foam swabs Canviiy

If you weren’t already aware, I search, find, and love hair products that contain peppermint or tea tree oils. I purchase and keep a bottle of organic pure peppermint oil to add to coconut oil, shampoos and conditioners just for the cooling sensation in my beauty routines. With the Canviiy ScalpBliss™ serum, it was clear upon opening the containers and applying the swab to my scalp that the mentioned ingredient, peppermint oil was present. Although not overpowering, the serum did give a light cooling sensation that I was looking for.

The design of the applicators allows the serum to reach your scalp even when it’s in a protective style such as a glue or sew-in weave. Many other products that offer the same relief, don’t always make it to the scalp, ending up on the hair and giving no assistance in removing the itch. Even with the sample design, I was able to use the on the go serum to reach in between one of my big braids.


The Canviiy ScalpBliss™ serum is natural girl approved. It does not contain any alcohol, parabens, mineral oils or synthetic fragrance. The very light serum contains natural botanicals that we have used in our every day regimens such as witch hazel, aloe vera, manuka honey, lavender, jojoba and peppermint oils.


Who can use this product:

Canviiy ScalpBliss™ serum is perfect for dry itchy scalp, braids, twists, weaves, locs, wavy, naturally curly, semi and permanent colored hair, etc…basically, if you are a human being with a itchy scalp, then this serum can be and should be used by you.

What have you used to relieve your itchy scalp?

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New Year’s Resolution Fail?



Just as in the image above many began 2017 hyped and ready to take on their New Year’s Resolutions, but when Monday came along, so did the excuses. Here are a few tips to avoid a New Years Resolution Fail:

Know Your Limits

Not a morning person? Then why did you resolve to run every morning at 4am? Hate the treadmill? Don’t like to eat lettuce for dinner?  Don’t put yourself into something you know you are unwilling to do. Which leads me to this next point…

Have a Plan

No one is perfect and we all have things that limit us, it can be our own attitude or an actual issue that is in the way. Attitude adjustment should be the first step in your plan. It is amazing what you can do if you tell yourself “I Can” vs “I Can’t”. Besides attitude, any obstacle can be dealt with by removing it from the equation.  For example, If its a health related issue speak with your doctor first, but a majority of the time light exercise can be done and then the intensity increased over time. Another common issue is timing/scheduling, if your’e a busy person then your best time to address your resolution is first thing in the morning or maybe you will have to pencil time to complete the tasks needed to meet your goals.


Use your cell phone, an app or your e-mail service to send you friendly reminders that will keep you on track of your goals.

Buddy System

Get a friend who you can rely on to check in on you and your goals, send you a friendly reminder or maybe even someone who shares the same resolution as you.

Treat. Yo. Self.

A friend once told me that sometimes there is no shame in rewarding yourself for a job well done, it’s not easy forming new habits and pushing yourself. Just don’t eat a whole box of donuts…

Natural Hair

Natural Hair Extensions for Protective Styling

It’s officially Winter and that means more Naturals are beginning to braid, twist and cover their strands in a protective style. Protective styling is the process of keeping your ends tucked away to prevent damage from everyday elements such as wind, cold or the types of clothing worn during the cooler months. Protective styling isn’t mandatory, but it does help prevent breakage and promotes length retention if healthy hair is your goal. If you want to use natural hair extensions for protective styling, here’s five companies you can support.

Heat Free Hair

Founded in 2012, Heat Free Hair uses 100% virgin hair to match curly & blown-out natural hair styles. They currently have wefted hair, closures, wigs and clip-in extensions  and curl patterns range from 3B-4C.

Kinky Curly Yaki

Created in efforts to eliminate poorly blended hair, Kinky Curly Yaki offers light, course and kinky straight as well as kinky curly and afro curly options to choose from.


Big Chop Hair

Popularized by Youtubers Lisa a la Mode and Maria Antionette, Big Chop Hair offers bundles, clip ins, closures and wigs in straight, kinky and curly options. The hair is 100% virgin and can be bleached or dyed any color.

Haute Kinky Hair

Haute Kinky hair uses 100% Virgin hair for hair types ranging from 3B to 4C. You can also dye or bleach to match your current hair color.

Have you tried any of these natural hair extensions brands for protective styling?