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Harley Quinn Makeup


Halloween is coming and I’m elated. One of my favorite characters Harley Quinn had her look revamped and it is shown in real time in the latest Suicide Squad movie. Here’s how I recreated the Harley Quinn makeup look in 5 easy steps:

1.Define Brows. Use a pencil or wax/gel and fill in or shape brows to your desired shape/fullness.

2. Apply Foundation. Use whatever brand works for you, as long as it gives you a matte, medium to full coverage.

img_91163. Apply shadow. Red on the right eye, blue on the left eye. Blend well, smudge it out around the edges and downward from bottom of the eye to make it look messy like Harley’s, then add eyeliner. I applied the shadows on the wrong sides by mistake but I just went with it.


4. Draw the face tattoos and line eyes. A heart on upper right cheek. Then the word “Rotten” on the lower right jaw. (I applied the shadows on wrong side, so I put the face tattoos on the opposite side to match up.) I lined my eyes with liquid liner.

5. Apply mascara,add lashes(optional) and then red lipstick. All done!!



-Primer is helpful in getting foundation and shadow to stay put, but not required. If you don’t have any on hand don’t sweat it.

-If your eyeshadow is a loose powder texture apply it right after you define your brows so you won’t stain your foundation from the fall out.

-Contouring isn’t required but will bring more definition to your face. Apply contour cream/powder after foundation.

-If you have an uneasy hand sketch the face tattoos in pencil then fill in with liquid liner.

-Add false lashes to make your eyes pop more.

Products used:

Billion Dollar Brows pencil (check out my review here). Makeup Forever HD foundation. Cover FX contour kit. Shea Moisture Mascara. Hourglass Primer. Urban Decay eye primer. NARS concealer(not pictured). Stila liquid liner(not pictured).Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pencil(not pictured). M.A.C Blush(red, used in place of shadow), Eyeshadow and lipstick. KISS brand lashes (Not pictured, but check out my review here).



4 Ways To Save Time In The Morning

4 Ways To Save Time In The Morning

I’m not a morning person at all, every morning when my alarm clock goes off there are about at least ten obstacles holding me back. In my slow progress to becoming a morning person(read about it here) I’ve developed a few practices which save me precious minutes and get me out the door. Here are 4 ways to save time in the morning.

  1. Get up earlier. We hear this one all the time, but it really does help. In my case I can’t function without adequate sleep, so I discovered that I can tolerate waking 10-15 minutes earlier and get a head start on my morning routine.
  1. Pick out clothes the night before. This technique is tried and true since we were in grade school. This helps me out a lot because I’m always prone to random moments where I’d put on a top and there would be a rip in it and I’d have to scramble to find a different top.
  1. Meal prep breakfast. Many people don’t think it will still taste good if breakfast is made the night before and reheated but that’s not true. Eggs, bacon, sausage, and oatmeal are examples of items that could be prepared in advance and reheated. However, if you’re the kind of person that has to have fresh breakfast daily then this won’t apply.
  1. Multitask. In some cases doing multiple tasks in the morning at the same time can save you a few minutes. With experimentation you will discover what task combinations work for you. An example of what I like to do is to have my Keurig fill my travel mug as I’m putting my jacket on.

It may not be easy, but once you incorporate some or all of these tips into your morning routine you should see a difference.

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5 Healthy Snack Subscription Boxes to Try This Fall

This is not a sponsored post, but does contain some affiliate links. All opinions expressed are my own.

I can’t help it that I love subscription boxes. I’ve previously reviewed Bulu Box and several of the Walmart Beauty boxes, but I wasn’t aware of healthy snack subscription boxes until recently. I try to stick to fruit and veggies, but every once in a while I find myself munching on some cookies or chips. If you’ve been underneath a rock like me, here are 5 healthy snack subscription boxes you can try out this fall (or anytime for that matter).

Bestowed (Formally Conscious Box)

Bestowed sends an assortment of healthy snacks, beverages, and personal care items via a monthly subscription service and most recently, for companies in an office setting. Want to get an our opinion on this service? Check out Kory’s review here. For a limited time, get 10% off your first Bestowed subscription with coupon code LOVEHEALTHY.

Urth Box

Urth Box sends  healthy snacks with four different options: Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan or Diet. They focus on sending up to Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural FULL SIZED products for your home, personal life or the office. Depending on your needs, choose from Mini, Small, Medium or Large sized boxes with prices ranged from $12.99 to $39.99. If you own a small company, choose the Office Box for $199 /month. Get more information by visiting their official site.

Nature Box

Nature Box delivers snacks with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. A benefit to this box is they replace any snack you don’t like for free in your next box. They even take account on your dietary goals and taste preferences.


Graze provides well portioned, nutritious snacks for people that are tired of traditional chips and candy.  Each snack contains essential vitamins and minerals or a source of protein and they provide a rating system on your likes and dislikes. Get your first box free using code Type4Graze.

Love With Food

Love with Food offers organic, all-natural or gluten-free snacks delivered to your door monthly. An added plus is the company donates a portion of the proceeds to help fight childhood hunger in the US and around the world.  Organizations they fund to are Feeding America and The Global Food Banking Network. Subscriptions start at $7.99 a month.

Love with Food Healthy snack Subscription Boxes

Snack time gets the best of me at work, so I’ll definitely be checking these out for office breaks. Have you tried any of these healthy snack subscription boxes? Share your favorites below.

In Our Opinion Let's Read Lifestyle Mini Natural Hair Chronicles

Mini Natural Hair Chronicles: Kookabuk Shares his Shovel


Jesse and Kevin Howard, brother-author duo created an educational collection of social stories as a guide to help parents and their children with special needs, approach new experiences and challenges in a positive, enriching way. The series, The Kooky Adventures of My Friend Kookabuk series, utilizes creative storytelling and unique illustrations to teach children to act with understanding and compassion in challenging social situations.


When Symone and I began to read this book, we realized that it was a special story that began with a lovely poem. Symone is a child that has been exposed to many types of personalities. As a only child, she has learned the ups and downs of sharing that special toy with her friends at daycare. Kookabuk like Symone, has a favorite toy that he only wants for himself. When his friend Emily, a familiar face from the neighborhood approaches the playground to play with Kooky, he is reluctant to speak without the guidance of his mom. He also takes a moment to show his approval of his friend wanting to share his favorite toy.
Continue Reading

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5 Ways to use Coconut Oil for Your Hair and Body

5 Ways to use Coconut Oil for Your Hair and Body

If you’re in need of a multipurpose product for your whole body, coconut just might be the answer. While some have developed an allergy or sensitivity towards it, a lot of people swear by it. If you’re interested in five different ways to use coconut oil for your hair and body, read along.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is simply swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. Most people practice this method to whiten teeth, treat tooth aches or combat gingivitis, plaque, and microorganisms that cause bad breath. An important note is to spit the contents in the trash when finished to prevent your sink from clogging up.

Makeup removal

Do you have mascara or lipstick that is extra difficult to take off? Use coconut oil. As much as I love Colourpop Ultra Matte lippies, they take FOREVER to take off with makeup wipes. Not only does it prevent irritation around the eyes and mouth, it moisturizes the areas. Just dip a cotton pad in the oil and voilà! It’s gone. Continue Reading

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Moments I Remembered From the Lump in my Breast

Moments I Remembered From the Lump in my Breast

Are you examining yourself? I wasn’t. And this is why my doctor found a lump in my breast and I didn’t. Thoughts that I was too young, or even the pain was all from the amount of milk forming and leaving my breast made me not even think to tell my doctor during my regular checkup that I couldn’t lay on my left side because my breast would be in pain. Now my breast was in my doctor’s hands – literally. I could no longer hide behind the fear of why my breast was hurting and what would happen next.

It seemed like the longest examination ever. I was originally being seen by my gynecologist to check on my below regions but my breasts were now more important than if my ovaries were intact. It was confirmed, during my exam Continue Reading