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Women in Business featuring Tamika Wesley

Tamika Wesley Styles NYC

Type 4 Naturals is highlighting woman entrepreneur, Tamika Wesley of Wesley Styles NYC studio. Tamika is a hair, make-up and tonsorial (barbering) artist that offers beauty and customer service. Wesley Styles serves and provides guests the best beauty, grooming, and image enhancement experience. Tamika Wesley also provides conversation and a haven that guests can feel comfortable, relax and let their hair down.

Wesley Styles NYC

Tell us abut your business. What product or service do you provide? Who is your target audience?

My business is Wesley Styles NYC. I am WESLEY (my last name) and I’m providing my STYLES in NYC.
My services are for anyone, men women, and children, that may want to enhance or change their look. My target audience is the person that is looking for a professional artist, that they can trust, create, and communicate with, as well as an artist who cares about the integrity and health of the client, their hair and well being.

What would you say makes your business different from the competition in your field?

My business is different than the competition because, I really care about the person that I’m servicing. I want to make my guest feel as though they are at my home, comfortable and relaxed. It’s private and exclusive. I enjoy making my guest feel and look amazing.

Why did you become an entrepreneur? What does owning your own business mean to you?

I became an entrepreneur because I wanted the independence that an artist should have. Owning my own business means freedom to me. It means that I have the freedom, to create, to learn and to explore the many aspects of my industry. I don’t always have to be behind my chair.Wesley Styles

What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?

My family is my greatest influence. They give me the motivation, love, and strength to keep going, especially my daughter.
My daughter influences me to keep growing. I want her to see that there is no limit. That woman can soar!

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

I am super proud of all of the things that I have accomplished.
Going out on my own, and being an independent artist many years ago, before it was as trendy as it is, is a great accomplishment for me. I have been in business for myself for over 12 years.
Having my own studio, Great client guest that trust and support my business is an accomplishment, as well as the positive reviews they give.
These things are great accomplishments to me. The fact that people allow me to service them and do what I love, and I’m able to make a living is an accomplishment!

Tell us about a time when things did not go the way you expected it to. What did you learn from the experience?

There are many times things haven’t gone my way, lol, I can’t pick one.
One major time when things didn’t go my way was when the cosmetology school I was attending went bankrupt, and I had 3 months left to graduate. This was the 2nd time that a situation like that happened to me with the same institution and I began to question if this was the right path that I should be taking.
I learned from these experiences, is that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. Some people may have quit, but I knew that this was for me.
I also learned how to be patient and keep calm. I learned to try to think everything out, weigh my options, and choose the best option and what’s going to make the most sense for the situation.

Tamika Wesley

Do you have any new projects coming up? If so, let’s talk about it.

YES, I do have some new projects coming up. I don’t want to talk about them yet, I don’t want to jinx anything, lol, BUT some cool fun things, I love and I think my guest will too!

What is a goal you plan to accomplish over the next year?

Goals that I plan to accomplish are making the studio extra swanky, more shoots, more advanced training classes, making sure my new projects are executed properly, and having fun events.

What would be the best advice you have received and still follow?

The best advice I have received and still follow is to listen, meditate, and always be humble. Also, to not take things personal. This is hard because I am a sensitive person.

What’s the worst business advice you received? How did the advice impact your business?

I haven’t really received any horrible business advice. I often get advice from successful business women and men and pay attention to what the greats are doing, and try to make it fit for my business model.

Do you have non-work habits to help you with work-life balance?

My non-work habits that help with my work-life balance is praying, meditating, listening to music, drawing, reading and playing with my daughter. I am a big kid, and I LOVE being able to play with munchie and her toys!

Any last minute thoughts for our readers? Please share.

Being a small business woman, entrepreneur is HARD, especially when you are a mom or want to become a mom. We have to ensure we have a good balance for work and family. It’s also non stop WORK, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I enjoy knowing that ALL of MY hard work is to benefit the good of MY business, my clients and to make mine and my families dreams come true. It’s not just MY business, but my families business as well. They work hard WITH me, with their love and support.
When people allow me to service them, it allows me to provide for my family and community.

Type 4 Naturals Jo, Kory and Kat, all seek the expertise of Ms. Tamika Wesley. Tamika not only serves natural clientele but all types of hair and cultures sit in her chair for top notch service. Interested in seeing more of Wesley Styles, follow Tamika on her social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


My Lipstick Challenge

Lipstick. Can lipstick be a challenge? One day I was going through some pictures and I was reminiscing about how far I’ve come with my makeup skills. I remember my tomboy days where I refused to wear nothing but chapstick, but now  I can apply my makeup like a pro. 

After going through those pics I realized I felt fiercer when I put myself together in the morning and it showed, my smile was brighter and the pictures popped better. As every woman knows sometimes there isn’t time to get dolled up and you just have to go out the door with no makeup, no earrings and feeling plain. AduIting is hard and sometimes makes me feel sad, so why not use a pop of color to brighten your mood? I decided to give myself a personal challenge. For one whole week at a minimum to wear lipstick every day and see how I felt. the results surprised me. 

*The above picture matches the order of all the lipsticks I wore.

Sunday. Wore MAC Viva Glam collection in color “Rihanna 2” and turned heads due to its borderline goth hue…yes on a Sunday (don’t be judging me). 

Monday. Beginning of work week, I always have a rough Monday morning but somehow managed to do full face of makeup. Wore Smashbox Always on liquid matte lipstick in “Thrill Seeker”.

Tuesday. Wore Smashbox Always on liquid matte “Blast Off” and felt super girly.

Wednesday. Yay humpday! Wore Shea Moisture Shea Butter Luscious Lipstick in “Berry”. 

Thursday. Was extremely pressed for time but applied E.L.F tinted lip balm which provided a nice nude color just like lipstick. 

Friday. TGIF! happy hour. Wore Bite lipstick in the color “Whiskey” and drank some whiskey too at happy hour.

Saturday. Gotta have fun and be free. Wore Smashbox Always on liquid matte in “Chill Zone”.

In wearing lipstick every day for a week I not only discovered that I’m a lipstick addict. I could probably wear a different shade every day for two weeks and as I type this I’m considering ordering two more…but I digress. I’m glad I challenged myself to do something small that I enjoy. It good it feels to take just a little time for myself. 

In what small way do you think you could challenge yourself?

*Post contains affiliate links.

In Our Opinion Lifestyle Women in Business

Women in Business featuring Nina Burke

Nina Burke

Nina BurkeType 4 Naturals is highlighting founder of Chayil Candles, ccBlaQ & Co. and db Collection. Designer, stylist, personal shopper, interior designer, event planner, speaker and candle maker, the former Executive Assistant to the editor-in-chief at ESSENCE© Magazine, Nina Burke brings her fabulosity and spirit of excellence to everything she does. Her innovative, intuitive gifts make her a success.

Tell us about your business. What product or service do you provide?


The Burke Group umbrellas a host of different specialties from fragrances for your home to fashion stylist to interior designer. The Burke Home Collection has second lightly used interior pieces and this summer I launch my clothing line: the db Collection. However, candles and fragrances will always be my base. The fabulous thing about my products and services is that I can tailor my services to meet the individual’s needs.

What would you say makes your business different from the competition in your field?

That’s simple: ME. In fashion, I don’t follow the trends – I create them. If you want what everyone else is wearing or you want to look crazy, I’m not your stylist. If you’re looking for cheap, my products are not for you. I have a painstaking attention to detail. I travel to get the highest quality oils, butters, and packaging for my products. When you purchase my products, you’re guaranteed the best possible ingredients. I am a luxury brand. Nina Burke Women in Business

Why did you become an entrepreneur? What does owning your own business mean to you?


I’ve been in the fashion industry in some form or fashion since my late teens. As far as my candle companies are concerned, that started 10 years ago this August after my eldest sister passed away. She loved candles and it was a difficult time as you can imagine. It started as a distraction and grew into this. Being the boss lady means flexibility and freedom…and working 24/7 – oh and not sleeping. There’s nothing like the receptive process of the creative mind. From me, my juices get going when I’m supposed to be sleeping or truth be told when I’m in church. Most people got to church with a pad to take sermon notes. My pad is because God gives me the best ideas when I’m in church.

What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why?


I’m from the Biggie and Puffy stage of life. Misa Hylton was my first taste of styling and Sean in running a business…and although, I keep my left eye on a few names in the industry I’ve navigated this sea on my own. When I need inspiration I look at my counterparts: Uncle Rush; Kimora Lee; Sean Combs; Misa Hylton, June Ambrose…the list is endless. However, as far as practices and policies, I look to Jesus. The things that most ppl do or will do, I will not. My integrity is my brand and cannot be compromised. Navigating a Christian business through a sin filled sea is not easy but it can be done.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?


Many years ago when I first started out in the styling business, I landed a well-known award-winning novelist and swoon-worthy R&B crooner for an awards ceremony. They trusted me when they really didn’t know me from a whole in the wall…and because of my professionalism and confidentiality clause, they still seek me out every now and again for my advice. As for Chayil/BlaQ: Chayil on Essence magazine website more than once and BlaQ with customers like Vanessa Williams or Anika Noni Rose or Gbenga Akinnagbe (I can mention their names because they have posted it already on social media). BlaQ has Olympians, NFL athletes, and actors as clients. It’s a proud moment when ppl appreciate your work.

Tell us about a time when things did not go the way you expected it to. What do you learn from the experience?


I’m a planner. I plan things out 6 months in advance to avoid problems and so if they do happen, there’s time to rectify the situation. I’m also a perfectionist and I don’t really trust ppl to do what I do. I’m not good with advertising, though. I thought when I started Chayil, the products would sell themselves. Not so. That was a rude awakening. Also back to that awards show, I had a FT job at the time. I had to take care of my boss for that awards show, my 2 clients, and I was taking my mom to the show. Let’s just say I was running around like a chicken without a head! I learned not to bit off more than I can chew. One client at a time.

Do you have any new projects coming up? If so, let’s talk about it.


Yes, I’m launching the db Collection this summer. My clothing line will start slow and be a very limited number of quality pieces. Classic, classy garments. These pieces will be coming from all over the world. The first pieces will be coming from Romania. I’m specifically only getting small quantities because I hate ev’rybody walking around in the same thing.

What is a goal you plan to accomplish over the next year?


To get Chayil/BlaQ in some spas or food coops. The biggest though would be the opening of our store in the west coast. It’s always been a dream to open a physical location and I’m looking at the west coast.
Nina Burke

What would be the best advice you have received and still follow?


“Don’t look at other ppl’s grass. Your grass may not look as green or lush as theirs but you have no idea if their grass is fake or if they just bought it at Home Depot. Work your garden!”

What’s the worst business advice you received? How did the advice impact your business?


Take out a loan. I didn’t take it. I started this business with a lick and a promise as my mother would say. I took my income tax return one year and started Chayil…and I’m glad I didn’t listen to the person. My business is seasonal and had I listened I would have been struggling to pay back a loan with interest.

Do you have non-work habits to help you with work-life balance?


Yes, my OCD tendencies have me overly organized. When you have as many balls as I do in the air, you have to be organized.
Nina Burke

Any last minute thoughts for our readers?

Yes, the same corny thing everyone else says, find your passion. When you identify it, run it down. Your passion will never feel like work. I love every aspect of the Burke Group. That why I do it all. Can it be frustrating and stressful? YES! Will that stop me? Heck no.

Ms. Nina Burke hails from Panamá and has more than 18 yrs of fashion industry experience under her belt. She is well respected in the industry and sought after for her creative abilities. If you’re interested in learning more about the brands under Nina’s umbrella follow her on the social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

In Our Opinion Lifestyle

What About Your Friendships…When Building a Brand?

When I started writing the headline ‘What About Your Friendships’, of course I started singing TLC’s 1992’s hit single. If you don’t know the song, YouTube it. I know I’m not the only one that relates songs or situations to posts? Songs like this one stayed with me at that year in my life and again today if I listed to the lyrics…

Every now and then I get a little easy
I let a lot of people depend on me
I never though they would ever deceive me
Don’t you know when times got rough I was standing on my own
I’ll never let another get that close to me
You see I’ve grown a lot smarter now
Sometimes you have to choose and then you’ll see
If your friends is true they’ll be there with you
Through the thick and thin

If you weren’t aware, Type 4 Naturals joined as friends who were on a natural hair journey loving bottomless brunch and meeting new people at different hair events. As the natural hair community shifted, so did our individual focus. Personal lives did not allow all three of us to be at one venue at one time. Ideas that sounded great, never came to be. As time went on, we were no longer friends but social beings that continued to produce content for the brand. I speak honestly to you because you take time to read our reviews, thoughts and opinions and this is a real opinion.

Friendships often drift apart as you grow older, and people have different interests. It is up to you individually to know if you value the relationship in the first place to rebuild especially when you are business partners. Without having some sort of comradery, any conversation or decision making will be made with no rhyme or reason in mind. When you generally care about who you are working with, then you can be able to disagree and know it’s not a personal decision but one for the team because we care. I see Kory all the time, because we work together, however, Jo and I haven’t seen each other outside of social media pics in forever.

So we decided to fix this…

Make time to hangout

We recently were able to schedule some time together to have brunch. It wasn’t an all day hangout like we used to do but it was a start. As mentioned, we all have personal lives – and I’m a mom – so ‘girlfriend without kids’ time is precious. In my parenting world, any time that is not with my child should sometimes be to the umpteenth level. If we are brunching…let’s brunch and have fun. I’ll never know when the next Saturday I’ll be able to spend time building friendships over brunch and then stumble, make it to my borough to resume my parenting duties with no issues. lol Minus the turn up, we did have a decent conversation and Jo and I even browsed through Target on our walk back to the train…we haven’t been in the same space in months.


Scheduled meetings

Someone must take the lead. I sometimes want to take on the responsibility but it doesn’t always work out that way. Just because I’m the oldest doesn’t mean anything. lol Depending on the subject, we all try to take the lead and stay focused on the plan for the month or event. We put a recurring date on the calendar along with an agenda to stay focused on what it is we need or want to do for the months ahead. Our last meeting was a success, we even went over our timeslot. I think we were excited about the thought of being focused and meeting up to discuss business. It’s a very important tool.

Reevaluate the purpose

As I’ve mentioned, we all have different agendas when it comes to this brand and it doesn’t always mesh well with our personal lives. While one is excited about their new hair style and reviews hair products, another is focused on personal life changes. It’s all relatable to our natural hair and lifestyle brand but may not be in sync with what you the reader would want to read or what the author us wants to discuss. With meetings and conversations, we can listen and air out our thoughts and maybe it’s just a frustration that needs to be communicated amongst us and not written in a novel. Collaborating amongst ourselves is one of the strongest parts of our team. We are able to listen or read (if we’re texting), our opinions and sometimes we create the best content without giving all the truths of the situations away.

At the end of it all, I enjoy writing my thoughts through this platform. My product reviews, mini me chronicles and lifestyle opinions can not be reproduced by Jo or Kory because it’s in my voice. We all have our own individual voice and that’s what makes Type 4 Naturals’ friends and branding relationship unique and special.

Do you have a friendship that is not as strong as it used to be? Want to talk to us about it?