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Shea Moisture Alternatives for Kinky Hair

Shea Moisture Alternatives

Ok, so by now many of you have heard about the backlash against Shea Moisture? If not, do read our opinion on the matter.  #BoycottSheaMoisture is really happening and many are wondering what other black owned brands are out there that can work with kinky hair. But you all are in luck, having Type 4 hair can be challenging but in our natural hair journeys and blogger life we have tried many products. Here is our top 6 list of Shea Moisture alternatives:

Bel Nouvo.

By Founder and CEO Arcman Durosier, in 2011 he created natural hair care products for his sister when she came to America from Haiti to visit. She was newly natural and had difficulty finding products that worked on her kinky hair, so he successfully formulated products that kept her hair so popping all her friends wanted some product too. Remember when we did a Fall Giveaway of the entire Bel Nouvo line? Kat and Kory wanted to keep it for themselves – ha! Learn more about and buy Bel Nouvo here. Shea Moisture Alternatives Bel Nouvo

Mane Choice.

Founder and CEO Courtney Adeleye built the Mane Choice empire in her kitchen. Courtney’s personal healthy hair care journey, science background and drive led to the success of the Mane Choice solution which has a focus on the hair health. Check out our review of Mane Choice . Learn more about and buy Mane Choice here.

Shea Moisture Alternatives The Mane Choice

Shea Moisture Alternatives Naturalcious


By founder and CEO Gwen Jimmere, The first black woman to hold a patent for a natural hair care product. Her products specialize in managing kinky hair effortlessly while also cutting wash and styling time with the use of only a few products. We have all used this product and liked it, check our reviews on youtube, the 4b hair review and 4c hair review .  Learn more about and buy Naturalicous here.

The Pomade Shop.

Owned by Erma Williams-Nurse. The Pomade Shop promotes and celebrates wellness through beauty with our all-natural hair pomades, shampoos, and conditioners. The Pomade Shop supported our very first meet and greet with no strings attached. We have used her products and featured her on our site as a Woman in Business. Check out our interview with Erma of The Pomade Shop.

Shea Moisture Alternatives The Pomade Shop

Koils by Nature (KBN).

Owned by Pamela J. Booker, KBN products are certified vegan, cruelty free, infused with organic essential oils, and handmade with the finest of ingredients. They even have a line of men’s grooming products. Pamela also supports other black owned business’ in her collaboration of Black Biz Scope on Periscope. Allowing black owned businesses to advertise their product or business ventures to a diverse audience. Check out Koils products here.

EDEN BodyWorks.

Founder and Owned by Jasmine Lawrence. EDEN BodyWorks was started by Ms. Lawrence at the age of 13. This brand has expanded throughout the years and now includes body wash and creams. We haven’t tried the skin care product lines but the various hair product reviews can be found here. You can find the affordable product line here.Shea Moisture Alternatives Eden leavein detangler

The above brands are just a few out of many that we have tried and liked for the time which can be great Shea Moisture alternatives for your kinky hair. Depending on the weather climate, your diet and hair regimen even our reviews may not match to your experience when trying out the products. Here are a few other brands that we have tried. If you don’t see a brand that you absolutely love, let us know in the comments, our next review may feature that product.

Beauty In Our Opinion Lifestyle Natural Hair Product Reviews

Everybody, But _ Gets Love from Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture you’re in danger! In the span of 24 hours, Shea Moisture has again made another slight against the kinky haired black woman. Let’s chat about how everybody gets love but her and her and oh her too. What is this tomfoolery that’s going down at the Shea Moisture table? Is it a marketing plan for the brand to create inclusion but exclude those that don’t have a certain look? If that is the case, then we may have a problem and here’s why.

Shea Moisture released a now removed ad with the message of battling “hair hate”. The ad featured a biracial woman with loose curls, a red-head and a blond with straight hair. They each gave stories from people ‘launching spitballs at their hair’ to ‘having to dye it’ in order to fit in. Women without the stereotypical “perfect” straight blond Jennifer Aniston hair, DO face “hair hate”, but Shea Moisture missed an ENTIRE group in their ad; the ones who MADE THEM A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY – the kinky curly coily haired black woman. We have suffered and STILL deal with hair hate. It’s a shame how black history is so disregarded in the world. Not too long ago was it literally a crime for black women to show their kinky hair because it was deemed a “distraction” to white men. Let’s not forget during the 245 years of slavery our hair was constantly insulted, mutilated and put on display in human museums to be ridiculed.

This isn’t the first time a company (including some black owned ones) built off the backs of Black People, court us to get business, then once they get the recognition leave to cater to the non-black demographic. Remember FUBU? Carol’s Daughter? Shea Moisture started off meaning well with their positive message, “Everybody Gets Love”, but somewhere along the line they got lost. Many naturalistas have reported product formulas that once worked for kinky hair mysteriously changed or didn’t work on their hair at all. Featured models and representatives at expos had loose hair textures with fair complexions to match. Ads got white washed. New products released catered to the masses, alienating the unique needs of the black kinky hair the company was built on.

Shea Moisture

As TRUE Type 4 Hair bloggers, each representing 4a, 4b, and 4c hair, we have not only in our personal lives deal with daily hair hate, but in the hair care industry as well. Many companies claim they want to support all hair types, but reject or pass over opportunities they’ve given to people with loose hair textures.

Shea Moisture had a good run but has ultimately lost business from the group of people who got them started.  A new movement has been born. No longer will the undeserved black women with kinky hair demographic support brands that wish to use us, nor will we support a brand that doesn’t value our unique needs in hair & beauty.

As we publish this post many women (and some men) have formed a movement to #BoycottSheaMoisture. They are throwing away Shea Moisture products and/or not buying anything else from them. Others are still on the fence since there are some very good products by the brand that have and continue to work. As social media influencers, we would not say to never use this or that type of product. We only voice our opinions about the service we receive as black women with kinky hair.


We have composed a list of other black-owned companies that truly cater to our kinky hair. Many of which we have used ourselves. Check out our Shea Moisture Alternatives natural hair care list for other brand options made for our kinky curly hair.

What do you think about everybody getting love from Shea Moisture?


5 Ways to Make your Manicure Last

I know 5 ways to make your manicure last longer. As an experienced nail polish user since I was a child I’ve had plenty of experience. Manicures are a quick way to pull together your look. You can pick any color you want and either use your skills to do it at home, or you can go to a nail salon and relax as the manicurist does it for you. But after that pretty polish is on your nails how do you get it to last more than a day? Let me tell you how.


  1. Healthy Nails. This is number one on my list for a reason. Healthy nails are smooth without ridges and aren’t dry or brittle. Imagine putting a coat of nail polish on sandpaper…. Exactly. There is no way polish can go on smooth if your nails are a mess. If your nails need some TLC, try a nail recovery like this one by Red Carpet Manicure.
  2. Base Coat. Before paint is primer, before makeup is primed skin and before nail polish is base coat. That’s just the law of the land. It also helps in making sure crazy colors like black and orange wont stain your natural nails. Try this Base Coat by Smith & Cult.
  3. High Quality Polish Only. The saying “you get what you pay for” is true in this case. I’ve used all polishes from the 99 cents no brand name polishes to the Tom Fords. Price doesn’t always represent quality though; you would have to use your judgement and look at the formula. My go-to’s are OPI and Essie, they have been consistently good over the years.
  4. Top Coat. As important as the base coat. The top coat seals in the color, adds shine and protects from UV damage. Midweek when nails look dull apply a fresh top coat layer to get some more life out of your manicure. Try this top coat by Essie.
  5. Mind your nails. Do you use your nails open bottle caps? Do you bite your nails? Or use your nails to perform other daily tasks? Remembering NOT to use your nails as tools is hard, but once you stop you will see the difference.


How do you keep your manicure looking good?



*Post contains affiliate links.

Natural Hair

10 Natural Hair Gels Under $10

10 Natural Hair Gels Under $10

Spring has sprung and that means no more hiding behind protective styles for me. I love wash and go’s and one ingredient that makes this style work is a good gel. If you’re looking to define your tresses for coils, a wash and go or a nice twist-out, here are 10 natural hair gels available for under $10.

Inspire Hydrating Gelly

Inspire Hydrating Gelly - gel under $10

Average Cost: $8-9


Inspire by Made Beautiful Hydrating Gelly helps define curls and contains shea butter and coconut milk to give a soft hold without flaking.

Eco Styler Style Gel

Eco Styling Gel

Average Cost: $3-7


There are different variations, but all Eco Styling Gels are designed to give shine, build body and maintain a hold o
n your tresses.

EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curling Jelly

eden bodyworks jelly

Average Cost: $9


EDEN BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curling Jelly help curls last longer. It gives a light, soft hold for ponytails, up do’s, braids and gives twists definition.

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Curl Control Gel

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Curl Control Gel

Average Cost: $7-9


Dark and Lovely’s Anti-shrinkage Curl Control Gel protects, and moisturize hair without shrinkage. It has coconut and argan oil and is designed to enhance and define curls and twists.

Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Style Gel

Alikay Aloe Berry Gel

Average Cost: $9-10


Alikay Naturals’ Aloe Berry Style Gel contains aloe vera gel, berries, botanicals and essential oils and is designed to hydrate your hair. It is alcohol-free and gives a medium hold.

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