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Holiday Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Holiday Gifts for Beauty Lovers

It’s no secret here that we are beauty lovers. Kory alone is a VIB Rouge member. If you’re not sure what to get your favorite beauty enthusiast, here are 5 holiday gift suggestions. The best part is, they are black owned businesses.

Pooka Pure & Simple

Pooka Pure and Simple offers hair, oils, fragrance and body products. All of the products are free of toxins, sulfates, parabens, added colors and phalates.

Gift for beauty lovers - pooka pure and simple


Bold Lippies from The Lip Bar

Remember The Lip Bar from Shark Tank? We’ve been fans ever since and now it’s available on This black-owned business is cruelty and offers lippies in nontraditional colors set by regular beauty brands.

Nail Polish from Polish My Life


Soaks and Scrubs from Naked Sugars

Created by beauty blogger Nakia Chiron, Naked Sugars is a woman owned business specializing in body scrubs and bath soaks using a unique blend of sugar and salt to leave your skin hydrated.

Eyeshadow Palettes from Juvia’s Place

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, Juvia’s Place has some amazing eye shadow pallets. The bright colors are great on any skin tone and for the holiday season, get the Nubian 1, Nubian 2 and The masquerade pallets together in a savings bundle.


*Bonus* Gift Cards

If your beauty loving friend seems to have it all, nothing beats a gift card from their favorite beauty store. MAC, Ulta, Sephora are just a few. Happy Shopping!

What are some other gifts for beauty lovers you can think of?

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Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Family & Friends

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are typically gifts small enough to fit in a stocking but not big enough to require a box, holiday wrap and a pretty bow. For those with many aduItfamily members and friends, giving a stocking stuffer gift is a nice jesture during the holiday season. Here are a few stocking stuffer suggestions for your family and friends. 

Stocking Stuffers

Sephora Collection Eyeshadow Palette

The Sephora makeup collection is a great stocking stuffer for the family member or friend that is not that into makeup but likes to add a little here and there for an aduItnight out. This palette is now on sale.

Stocking Stuffers

Stemless Personalized Wine Tasting Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are so in for your holiday party or as gifts to that wino, lol, in your circle of friends. These glasses can be purchased in bulk with custom labeling at a reasonable price.

Stocking Stuffers

Men’s Collar Stays

Collar Stays are a necessity for the everyday shirt and tie professional man in your life. If he’s a younger gentleman just getting used to the button shirt and tie style, this would be a cool gift that he may use for some time. Until they get lost in the washer or dryer.

If this isn’t the cutest! Select your favorite memorable picture of you and that special friend or family member that especially loves coffee or tea. Add their favorite beverage to the mug and it makes a mug that may make them smile with each sip.

Photo Mug

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Jewelry Dish Gold and Black Collection

This new edition to the Pink Locket collection is a great gift for those of us that have many bracelets, rings and other jewelry items stored. Not only does it store your jewelry, it also displays beautifully on a dresser, table or next to your bathroom sink.


We have a growing collection of reviewed books, but this one should be a must on our holiday gift lists and would be a great stocking stuffer for the reader amongst your family and friends. The Obama’s The White House Years, is a uplifting, beautifully illustrated 96-page salute to the Obamas as it commemorates their time in the White House and celebrates their significant moments. Stocking Stuffers

From makeup to books, there are so many little trinkets that can be given as stocking stuffers to let everyone feel a little special during the holiday season. If you’re undecided or that person that can not stand lines, you can always also do online giftcards that can be sent to that person’s e-mail or print out and put in a card. The ideas are endless…

What would you give to your family member or friends for as stocking stuffers?


Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Holiday shopping can be a daunting task for many, but as with many things if you have a plan you can tackle the situation better. Christmas and Kwanzaa are only a few weeks away. You can reference this Holiday gift guide 2016 to find something for everyone on your list or to get ideas. If you want to rebel against current gift trends check out what was hot last year in our Holiday Gift Guide 2015.

Click on the photos below to see the guide for each category:

For Him

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

For Techies

Techie Christmas Gifts 2016

For Book Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers 2016

STEM Gift Guide

STEM Holiday Gift Guide


Women in Business

Women in Business Holiday Gift Guide


Cooks and Bakers

Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Bakers

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

For Beauty Lovers

Holiday Gifts for Beauty Lovers


We also have great tips on managing stress during the holiday season. Make sure to check back in the coming weeks as we add more.

Food Lifestyle

Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Bakers

Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Bakers

We all have that one friend or family member that LOVES the kitchen. This year we’ve featured several food and recipe posts that have hopefully encouraged you to eat healthy and cook more.


Just like a person that loves fashion or beauty, a cook can never have enough cookware. Buy them a new pot set, or purchase non-traditional cookware like a pallela pan or a wok.

Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Bakers - cookware

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Is your gift recipient more of a baker? New bakeware is a great gift choice. Rachel Ray has a cute durable bakeware set and baking and cookie pan set.



Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Bakers - Bakeware

Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are good for beating cake batter and cookie dough, whipping cream, and kneading bread dough. My sister has been begging for this one by Kitchen Aid. If it’s out of your budget, Cuisinart also has an affordable one.

Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Bakers - stand-mixer

Food Subscription Service

If your friend is a busy body that can never make it to the grocery store or someone that likes creating new meals every once in a while, purchase a gift card for an at-home food subscription service. Popular services include:

Crock Pot

Love weekend soup days or leave home early to come home late? Get a crockpot. Add the ingredients before leaving the house, set a timer and your meal will be fully cooked when you get home.

Read AlsoStove Free Crockpot Recipes

Holiday Gifts for Cooks and Bakers - crockpot


New Spices

If you’re a world traveler like me, a different gift will be to purchase spices from your destination. If not, purchase some unique spiced blends from Spiced Living online.

What are some other gift suggestions for cooks and bakers?

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Holiday Hour: Attire Ideas

Attire Ideas

Holiday Hour: Attire Ideas

Sleigh bells ring are you listening? It’s that time of year to have celebrate holiday cheer with office parties, after work meet ups, holiday hour cocktail settings etc…What will you wear? Can you wear it to work? When we go through our closets and have already worn out our cocktail dresses and fancy skirts for other events throughout the year, we tend to hit to the web for some cocktail hour ideas. Here are some attire that we have found in the inexpensive to moderate price category.

Holiday Hour Black Dress

Black dresses are a necessary closet item. You can wear them during the day with a blazer, subtle makeup and accessories and then fancy it up after five during the holiday hour, with high heels and red lipstick. Holiday Hour

Holiday Hour Pantsuit

Holiday Hour

Wool Coat

Now that you have an outfit put together, now you put on a bubble coat? Oh no. Stop please. Let’s get a nice semi fitted coat, (to have room for a sweater) to look the part of going out as an aduItduring holiday hour. If you have a short dress that shows off those legs, then a coat that just hits just above the knee is appropriate. For a pantsuit, a long coat or a short coat will be ideal.Holiday Hour


Holiday Hour Evening Handbags A lovely small purse or clutch is a perfect accessory to your holiday hour evening out. Just enough room for your identification, credit card, lipstick, one or two tissues and of course your cellphone.

Evening Shoe Shoes to an outfit are the perfect eyebrows to a made face, they put the whole outfit together.

Along with hairstyles, jewelry and makeup, when celebrating a evening out, you must look the part.

This post has affiliated links. You know you need a new outfit for the evening, why not click on one or two to find what you need.

Family Lifestyle Mini Natural Hair Chronicles

4 Activities for a Family Night In During the Holidays

Family Night

4 Activities for a Family Night In During the Holidays

In a past post, we showed you some activities that you may want to try in New York City with your children and visiting family during the holidays. These activities involved leaving the bed, getting dressed and being out on the other side of your home door. Sometimes, you just don’t want to do that. The sun can be shinning, temperatures can feel like spring in the middle of winter but all everyone in the house wants to do is move from bed to couch, bathroom, kitchen and back to couch and eventually back to the bed. See a theme here?

We don’t always have to go outside of our home to have a good time. Even inviting close friends and family to visit you sometimes is just the thing to do to keep yourself within the confines of your walls. What activities should we do when we’re having a family night in? Speaking from experience, here are a few activities that my family has done when the weekend flies by and we’re still in our pajamas…well we do actually wash up and change our pajamas, but you get the idea…we don’t leave the house.

Board Games

Family Night Now that mini me is old enough to understand the rules to playing board games, our game nights have been more fun. Monopoly junior is a cute game that we all have fun with. She can’t get enough of Uno, which she likes to use the skip and wild cards even when she has other cards to use in her hand.Family Night

Movie Night

Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice comfy night under the covers on a Leesa mattress watching Disney movies? I know I would, especially since we’re in the need for a new mattress, but ours will just have to do when snuggling up with popcorn and hot cocoa that we try not to spill on the warm comforter. If you’d like more information about the Leesa mattress, read this review by The Sweet Home.

The other night we all managed to sit still to watch a repeat movie, Maleficent. For some reason, we find it to be a fascinating rendition of Sleeping Beauty.Family Night
Classic movies are also fun to enjoy with the family during the holidays.
It’s a Wonderful Life is a number one classic holiday film that I simply love. What’s better than when Clarence gets his wings?

Family Night Home Alone showed us to appreciate everything about our family and what to do if you’re left alone in the big New York City during the holidays.


I have the perfect list of activities for children that may develop cabin fever when all parents want to do is relax and enjoy the quality time.

There are also developmental activities that don’t seem like fun, but they really are. One or two of these items will be purchased for this upcoming holiday.

Holiday Cooking

Have you watched the Food Network and saw Giada’s latest holiday book for entertaining kids during the holidays? This is genius. Instead of going to a fancy expensive place to enjoy carols and bit sized appetizers, why not create your own kid holiday party. Karaoke machine, keyboards, children ofcourse, a bit sized finger food all during the day. Parents and children come to you to enjoy a family night in singing carols and enjoying the holidays.

How would you spend your family night in during the holidays?