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Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

2017 Spring fashion trends are popping up in stores as the weather gets nicer. I haven’t been fully moved by spring fashion the last few years, but this season brings some new elements that I like. Here are my picks for the most wearable 2017 spring fashion trends.

  1. The 80’s Off Shoulder Top. Fun and flirty, pair it with jeans or dress it up with a skirt. Get it from Mango Outlet here.
  2. Activism Chic. I’m all for this trend, I have always loved slogan t shirts, but now they can carry social meaning. This is an easy way to be on trend. Get this tee by Pam & Gella here.
  3. Shoulders. Not quite the over-the-top shoulder pads of the 80’s, but a refined version. A strong shoulder outline can easily make you look chic. Below is a blazer with beautiful shoulder lines by Alice+Olivia here.
  4. The Bralette/Bra Top. Bras have been getting fancier over the last couple of years and now they are oficially the star of the show. Pair a bralette with pants, skirts or shorts. Wear it alone if you dare or wear it under a layer. Here is a cute zip-up Bralette top from Rag & Bone. The oversized bag. Another Spring 2017 trend that I am here for and will probably keep on for the year. Try this cute oversized hobo by Nada Sawaya. The Trench Coat. Every couple of spring seasons, the trench coat gets revamped. This season it takes on its most artful designs yet. Get one in a new shape, color or texture. Check out this one by A.W.A.K.E. Athleisure. I love the fact that sweatpants, sneakers and atheletic wear has gotten so much attention. Now it is so much easier to go from gym to street to chic. Check out these comfy kicks from K-Swiss.8. The Robe. Yes you’re reading correctly. Wearing of bath robes in public may become a thing. If done correctly you can acheive a fashion forward look worn by celebrities like Rihanna. Pair it with cute flats or a nice stilletto. Check out this robe by Eberjey.

Spring 2017  fashion trends have something for everyone, and although some of the trends are a bit daring, why not give it a try?

Which Spring 2017 trends will you be rocking this season?




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In Our Opinion Lifestyle

Finding Yourself with Self Care and Giveaway

Self Care

Self care includes any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. According to, self-care can include activities such as getting a haircut or massage, taking a trip, or eating at one’s favorite restaurant, in addition to attending to one’s basic daily needs.

I recently wrote a post discussing scenarios that contribute to a woman being labeled a angry black woman. I wrote this piece as it relates to the self. How you, as a human being controls the emotions of daily scenarios and how it plays a role in your self care. At work, in the gym or walking down a busy New York street, all can create stresses and triggers anger that may demonstrate traits of this persona. What do you do to alter the emotions and stay focused on yourself opposed to what others do to you?

Speaking from experience, here are a few ideas that I have to center myself when I feel that I haven’t deposited enough into the care of me.

Self Care

Take a walk.

Either early in the morning, watching the sun rise or in the evening as the sun sets, take the time to walk by yourself and calm the sounds of your thoughts until you are focused and centered back on the one thing you need to accomplish when you return back to work, school, home etc… During the workday, it can become very stressful. When it’s time for lunch, most people sit at their desks and watch the computer screen of the local news, shopping or paying bills. Turn off the pc, and take a walk if for only ten minutes to rest your eyes and mind on the computer screen. When you return, you’ll find your decision to take that quick walk helped to contribute to your self care deposit.

Going to the gym or taking a dance class

I’m not one to get on a machine and sweat out my thoughts however, I’ve heard that the action of going to a gym or some sort of exercise class, allows you to take the time to concentrate on something else besides the norm. Boxing, although an aggressive sport, not only tones the upper and lower muscles, but allows you to punch a bag instead of a person.

Take a trip.

When was the last time you packed a bag and booked a trip to your nearest city or farthest country? The act of going away for a few days is a great cultural, financial and emotional act of self care. If you go solo or with family and friends, visiting a new place offers you the opportunity to see and experience new surroundings away from the stressors of home.

Meet new people. Dating.

We recently hosted a Twitter Chat,
where we discussed Would you Date Yourself? The personality traits that make you, would you desire those same traits in someone else? We asked questions such as ‘It’s the end of your date, who pays the bill or do you split it?’ These questions all were centered around how you pick and continue dating.


Living payroll to payroll is common in this financial climate. However, when you have money in your pockets or know that you have money saved and gaining interest, don’t you feel good? Depositing even the smallest amount of your payroll into a savings account allows you to be financially safe and securing your wellbeing should something happen. Most of us live way beyond our means and justify the need to have these things in order to live a content life. If you challenge yourself to go without this particular thing that eats away at your finances, would you eventually miss it or realize it wasn’t that necessary after all?

I can continue to go on and on about investing into self care, but then this post would be a book and I wouldn’t get to the giveaway part. lol In the spirit of self care, relaxing and soothing your mind body and spirit, we are giving away a set of Lavender scented Epsom salts and foaming bath. I have always liked using Epsom salts in my bath, so when we received this product, I was more than excited. I even use the foaming bath with mini me and she enjoys the long lasting bubbles from the fragrant foaming liquid. I suggest after a long stressful day to enjoy a warm bath using the Dr. Teal’s brand of Epsom salts to relax your muscles and mind.

So how about you tell me, what do you do to find yourself with self care?

“Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath transforms an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa by combining Pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate U.S.P) and luxurious essential oils to soothe the senses, relax tense muscles and provide relief from stress.” Dr. Teal’s – Soothe your body, relax your mind

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In Our Opinion Lifestyle Women in Business

3 Scenarios of an Angry Black Woman

3 scenarios of an angry black woman

A black woman is simply not angry. She is fed up with several aspects of life where society assumes she is angry. Whether you are watching a Bernadette, a Cookie or an Aunt Esther, there is at least one woman who is characterized as the angry black woman in film, African American literature or at the family gathering. Why? Does the temperamental behavior stem from the workplace, the home, the black man, the United States government? The conversations, events and actions that create an emotion, is possible to make a woman upset, yes, but why do we have to be labeled as the angry black woman? In most if not all cases, it’s the passion in which we express our thoughts, that positions us in the box of negative characteristics, angry, troubled, hard to deal with, opinionated, etc…

“That was one of those things that you just sort of think, dang, you don’t even know me, you know?” You just sort of feel like, Wow, where did that come from?” Oprah Winfrey interviewed Michelle Obama on the reporting image of her being an angry black woman during Barack Obama’s President of the United States campaigning.

3 Scenarios of an Angry Black Woman

3 scenarios of an angry black woman

Similar, to many other educated, beautiful and vocal African American women in our society, the angry black woman term tends to come from our own and repeated within other cultures as being true. Why wouldn’t others believe it if we and those that look like us consistently refer that we’re angry? Let’s look into some scenarios of how a woman may be labeled an angry black woman.

The Black Man

The black man’s role in a black woman’s life is very important. It starts with the father, friends in the classroom, and neighborhood, first boyfriends, loves and eventually husbands. The provider, the protector and professor of love for his woman is lost mentally, physically or financially from the black woman’s life. This burden of taking care of a household on her own, although most of us are doing it just fine, why should we have to? In some circumstances, the black man is absent at no fault of his own. For those that choose to leave behind providing, protecting and professing love for the black woman creates a stereotype in a woman’s mind that all men are alike. Love has no place in her heart because all they will do is break it and leave, creating more hurt and resentment.

Envy of Peers

“You look good girl! You’re not supposed to look better than me!” A true statement that was recited to me before. I laughed it off because, what do you say to something like this from your friend? The envy of your peers, is a common thread in the angry black woman shawl. Once you pull at that strand, you can unravel so much hatred towards someone that should not receive it. This envious emotion is so dangerous especially if it’s only you who is feeling it. What I’ve come to realize is, there are woman out there, especially in social media that fake the funk. They come across as being all together, the man, the children, the job, the social life. Hair always in place, shoes never hurt their feet and the latest handbag in every picture. What you don’t see, is the $0.25 checking balance and thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt they are in. What you don’t see is the date the picture of that perfect family was taken because it’s not the reality of today. Being envious of the friends or familiar faces that are in our age groups, social circles may create an angry black woman persona and for what? We must be careful of every image we see because, it’s not always true.

It’s not my job!

Competition is a part of team playing whether you are in school or in a meeting of executives. Maturity comes within time in order to see your personal and professional growth. A woman with the same image, educational background, professional exposure should not be your threat, but more of an ally in building towards a mutual goal, on-going professional friendship. However, when you’re at the table with Caucasian, Oriental or Indian men, your voice must be projected in order to get your point across. We must articulate our position clearly and effectively without the womanly emotions coming across in our speech. This has happened to me, you have to voice your thoughts and you sometimes must follow-up with an e-mail or separate conversation to have someone cosign with you. We thought the all-boys club diminished, but it didn’t. It just has more yes boys surrounding the boss man to tell him what he wants to hear and how to quickly provide with no regard to the bigger picture. In the workplace, this is not the ideal place to come off as the angry black woman, as an angry woman period.

These scenarios are only a small fraction of when the black woman may be seen as angry. Just like it takes a village to raise one child, it takes a community of like-minded individuals to work together to refrain from being labeled or accepting the label of being angry black woman. It’s okay to be angry, hell we didn’t dwell into the current White House politics, police brutality, single mother homes, modern day slavery also known as incarceration and so forth. There are so many more reasons our angry emotion plays a part in our daily routines. It’s how we control the mannerisms that follow the emotion which then creates the persona of only being an angry black woman instead of dealing with the real issues that lies beneath.

What are your thoughts about the angry black woman?


Quick Date Night Makeup

Quick date night makeup is my go to these days. I’ve been very busy and taking more than a half hour to get my date night makeup on is bound to make us both run late. Here are the steps I take to go from plain to date night pretty in a snap.

Suggested beauty tools: Beauty Sponge, Concealer Brush, Small powder brush

Step 1 – Define those brows. I use Anastasia “Dip Brow” to define what I already have then add NARS “radiant cream concealer” for a smooth brow line.


Step 2- Apply primer and foundation of choice. I used Hourglass “Veil Mineral Primer” and Lancome “Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour Wear” foundation.

Step 3- Contour. This is where you get to have fun sculpting your face. Draw the highlight where you want to enhance and countour where the shadow or area to diminish will be. Then blend the highlight up and the contour down. I used Cover FX “Contour Kit”.

Step 4- Powder and line! Apply setting powder, then blush to apples of cheeks. Line eyes with liquid liner and wing it out. I used powders: “NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder” , E.L.F “HD Under Eye Setting Powder”, Laura Mercier “Second Skin Cheek Color”. Liquid eyeliner I used my favorite Stila “Stay All Day Waterproof Liner”.

Step 5- Apply two coats of mascara and a cute pink lipstick. I used Maybelline “Falsies Volum Express” mascara and MAC lipstick in color “pink nouveau”.

Then snap a #Selfie for #DateNight and enjoy!!



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